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  • Newbie question here,
    whats the difference between running a wordpress site local or live?
    Whats the point of running your site local if its not on the web?
    I read about people running their sites local and then deciding to go live, why not go live in the first place.
    someone straighten me out

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  • Hi,

    Local means on your own server, or on your own computer.
    Live, usually means ‘somewhere on the internet’ on a payed server with a payed domain.

    Is there any pros or cons to doing it locally?
    Would my .com site be easier to find on my local server or going live?
    I used to have a iWeb site and you could not do a search and find it, unless you sent out an invite.



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    Local installs are usually used to test out new themes, develop plugins etc. If you want people to find your site, then it has to be available on a server that has access 24/7 – ie usually a remote hosted server.

    So to get started on my site, I keep it local on my mac till I’m happy with it
    and then go live by uploading it to lets say blue
    is this the way I should go



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    You can do that but I should warn you that moving an entire site from a local server to a remote one is a fairly complex process. See Moving_WordPress.

    It would be far easier if you developed your site in situ on the remote server.

    Running a site locally is akin to using a testing server. Before going live, you get a chance to experiment heavily with the code and get all the kinks out without worrying about your site messing up, or worse, going down all together for your visitors.

    Ah, got it now thanks for the clarification
    I’ll do a one click set up with and pick out a custom theme
    thanks everyone

    Heres my existing site with Apple/iWeb that I’ll be converting over

    With using the free plugin Duplicator getting a site online becomes a lot easier:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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