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  • We are buliding a new intranet for our company and we are stuck with following problem:

    We want to have links on different pages / posts to a folder which is located in the local sercer structure.
    It would be ideal to have a userfriendly interface where you can navigate and view through the file structure.
    Reason for this is that we want to have our works look up a certain file / form on the intranet (which might be used on different pages / posts. This file should be located in ONE folder on our local server –> once the file needs to be updated, we change this single file and automatically have it updated on all the pages / posts. (We dont want to store all the files in the wordpress content folder)

    I hope you can understand what i mean…
    we really need your help since we can´t find a solution which suits us!

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  • Hi @daluxenho,

    I am sure if you want to have links to a different folder in your local server, you can have them.
    Do you want to implement a file navigation thing in your WordPress install?
    No matter where the file is in your folder structure, if it is updated, all the links pointing to that file will have the updated file.

    first of all thank you for your fast reply!

    Yes, that would be exactly what we want.

    The only file navigation we could find was called “File Away” where you have to upload all the files…
    How does your solution work?

    @daluxenho, we don’t have any file navigation plugin. What you want to do is avoid the uploading of individual files using the “File Away” plugin? You simply want to paste the files in a folder & have “File Away” plugin read that & display on your intranet?

    It doesn´t necassary need to be the “File Away” PlugIn.

    But yes, something like that would be needed. And the folder should be located on the local server.
    And yes, reading and displaying the folder would be great.

    @daluxenho, I think in that case, you should contact the author of that plugin & ask them. Their support is available at: .

    You may also want to consider Simple Files… it is a file mgr specifically for intranets.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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