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  • tomski74


    First post here, so Hello Everyone!

    I have been looking and searching for two days, but I can’t seem to find an answer to my question.

    I have a Windows 2003 Server with IIS 6 where I have keep my pretty static Intranet site (this side of Firewall). I’d like to use a more modern CMS and so I started looking at Joomla and WordPress.
    I pretty much gave up on Joomla. It looks like you HAVE TO run it on Linux and Apache server.
    I have just tested the WordPress 5 mins installation on my Windows 7 machine and I really like it.

    Anyway, here’s my questions:

    If I run the 5 min Installation on my Windows 2003 Server, will it mess up my existing site?
    Will it override IIS settings or is it smart enough to create its own separate instance?
    I’m running MSSql, will the MySQL conflict with it?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Josiah


    Hi Tom,

    Don’t take this to the bank, BUT if you install in a subdirectory it should work fine. I’m assuming you use cpanel? Check there for a script installer and it will have a wordpress install.

    Is there a way you can test it elsewhere? WordPress usually creates its own database based on all of my experience.

    Definitely backup your current site before doing anything.

    and wordpress is 10x better than joomla.



    Hola Tom,

    I don’t have a windows machine to test, but I think the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI) won’t allow you to change the directory where WordPress is installed. However, I also think that the default is to install in wwwroot sub directory. Once Web PI is installed, restrictions may apply to further web apps installs.

    Ah, there were some issues with Permalinks and IIS 6, you should also check this before installing, or upgrade to IIS 7, if possible.

    Here’s a link with the detailed description on how to Install Internet Information Services 7.0 and WordPress 3.x by Using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0

    If you’re not afraid of a little server grooming, you can instally WordPress manually by following these simple instructions: Famous 5-Minute Install – The same document also offers a few other ways to install WordPress.




    Thanks for the responses. I’m not using cPanel as it’s not an external site. I’m also stuck with IIS 6, because the existing Intranet doesn’t like IIS 7. I can’t just ditch the old one, because it uses an extensive database with some fancy SQL procedures.

    I’ve been testing it on my Windows 7 box and I can make the front page of the Intranet in WordPress and allow users to post articles and announcements, while utilizing links to the old site where the production databases sit and all the manufacturing boyz play.

    I have a virtual machine that is an exact copy of the Windows 2003 Server I’ll be using, so I’ll install it there before I start messing with the real thing. I’ll let you know how it went.



    Cool, let us know!

    Also, pretty permalinks are actually available under IIS 6, you just need to use ASAPI_Rewrite.



    I know for sure Joomla works on IIS 7. I’ve installed it without issues. But, I can’t speak intelligently about IIS 6.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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