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  • Hi

    I’m using Offload Media plugin to serve my images from AWS.

    Broken Link Checker is now finding all the old local image links (ie. to the local Uploads folder) and marking them as broken – at the moment 1000 of them.
    In the front end everything is fine.

    How can I make Broken Link Checker not mark theses image links as broken so I can easily see the ‘real’ broken links in the list?

    Thank you

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Nastia – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @dinz

    I trust you are doing well!

    Please let us know what is the error code the Brocken Link Checker showing up? If the error is shown as 403 Forbidden / 503, I’m afraid this is a security layer on AWS end and it is not allowing crawling these links.

    At the moment, you can exclude the AWS link to be showing up in the list, from Settings > Link Checker > Which Links To Check, and add a partition of the URL to the Exclusion list. Please see this screenshot:

    There is already a feature request created for our developers to integrate the plugin with AWS services.

    Kind regards,

    Hi there,

    the same happens here.

    We are using WP Offload Media plugin and we are removing image files from our local storage.

    All images are hosted on an external storage (S3 bucket for example, but it happens with any kind of storage of course) and linked in this way: EXISTS DOES NOT EXIST

    Broken link checker reports thousand of 404 errors. (not 403 or 5xx, just a 404 not found).

    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @daweb

    Since the WP Offload Media plugin is set to remove the images from the server, the plugin can’t find them when it tries to load them. The WP Offload Media plugin takes care of this in most other cases but Broken link checker tries to open the image URL directly so it’s a bit different.

    I’m afraid that for now, until the integration that @wpmudev-support9 mentioned earlier, the only way to avoid getting those links reported would be to exclude them as previously explained, by adding an exclusion “string” such as e.g.

    We hope to have integration added in future but for now this is worth a shot.

    There’s also another issue that might be “in play” here (e.g. with other CDNs) where a direct access to images is simply prohibited (in any other way than via API) or it’s detected that it’s “bot” connecting and such connection is rejected. In case of former, only a special integration would work so if you would like to suggest any other CDNs/storage than S3, please feel free to let us know.

    In case of latter, this is something our developers are already aware of and are looking for possible workarounds for future.

    Best regards,



    Add CloudFlare to the list of CDNs that BLC seems to have this problem with.


    Um, never mind. Seems like CF finally caught up with some configuration changes I made and all is well! 🙂

    PS What happened: we had some cross-site links between our two sites and had turned on CloudFlare’s Hotlink Protection to protect our images from off-site linking. When we the protection Off again and the false positives from BLC went away.

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