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  • The location of your host doesn’t matter, as far as I am aware. If someone knows differently I would love the explanation.

    What does matter for SEO (Google cares about page load speed, though only a little bit from what I can tell) as well as for user experience– how long people stay, whether they come back, etc.– is response (page load) time. If all of your visitors are local you can get better response time from hosting on a local server. (That is essentially the idea behind loading static content from CDNs.)

    🙂 Your report card:

    I don’t know if this is an Indian server or not. Anyway…

    You have a 7 second load time tested from a Dallas server. (Been to Pasadena, by the way) But you have a lot of images and scripts and things loading. It is hard to tell whether the problem is the location of the server or just the raw number of resources the site is loading. If you want to decrease load time, I’d start by assuming the latter.

    1. Enable gzip compression
    2. Try to combine .css files if possible
    3. Combine your Javascript files if you can
    4. I can’t imagine why something called admin.css should be loading on that front page. It is part of the “social Media Tabs” plugin. Verify that that should in fact be loading on the front end of the site.
    5. Try to combine images into sprites
    6. Image compression is remarkably good. (Our people fond of 180K high res images 🙂 ) But you could shave of a few tens of KB.
    7. Set max-age or expires headers for images,css, and javascript loaded from your domain. You can’t do anything about resources loaded from other domains.

    i wouldnt say that local hosting has a ‘measurable’ affect when it comes to seo and the search engines. more importantly; id say the content quality of your site, its layout and ease of use bears more weight in the eyes of google, bing, yahoo and others.

    each search engine has its own algorithms for ‘judging’ your site. many factors come in to play when youre concentrating on seo. google is big on “the readers experience” so make your site as informative as possible.

    again, i cant say how hosting from india will affect your site but give yourself every chance for top ranking by building your site properly first.

    courtney brazley

    @lock and key: “What do you mean by ” Cheap hosting from INDIA” ? You can get Cheap hosting in your country even. Right ?

    I mind the host’s location,l know the host in the United States, South Korea is good,my 20 websites’ hosts are all in the United States.They run normally and stability.
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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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