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  • Hello, I have troubles to display the current date and/or time at will when using a Text widget. It always shows the server time or date in English format and with English weekdays and month names, instead of showing the weekdays, month names and time format set by me at Settings. my WP language is Spanish es_ES and it works OK for all other purposes. I have found a Locale file fo Spanish and uploaded it instead of the one existing by default. Still, no change. Whenever I use shortcodes like [month_name] [weekday] or [date] I get English formatting and names. If I try to use PHP code in the Text widget it either doesn’t work or displays English formats as well. I suppose this is all due to the system bringing server info instead of my blog’s settings info. I have found a plugin that creates a widget to do this and it works OK (My Blog Time) but then I am very limited by the display and look of this plugin as it doesn’t create a simple shortcode to use at will. For instance I can’t insert that current time/date in a sentence, it needs to be displayed alone. Thanks for your help.

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