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    How can I refresh the data IP-Geo-Block is collecting on “Local database settings” ?
    I moved to another server and this information is not correct anymore, as other operating system as well. I don’t want to deinstall and reinstall the plugin, as I did several customized settings in the last years by adapting the rules.
    Why does the plugin do not refresh these paths automatically ?

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    Hi @cybergirl,

    Why does the plugin do not refresh these paths automatically ?

    Because it’s wasteful of time to search the directory for loacal DBs at every time and there is also a different use case that shares some DBs in different directory with some plugins using ip-geo-block-maxmind-dir and ip-geo-block-ip2location-dir filter hooks.

    But in your use case, you can copy your settings from one site to another using “Export / Import settings” in “Plugin settings” section.

    I’ll make the paths editable in “Local database settings” section in the future. But please follow the steps until that day:

    1. Push “Export settings” button at “Export / Import settings” in “Plugin settings” section to save your settings as a file named “ip-geo-block-settings.json”.

    2. Enable “Remove all settings and records at uninstallation” in “Privacy and record settings” section and “Save Changes“.

    3. Delete this plugin and re-install again.

    4. Push “Import settings” button to load your settings file saved at 1.

    5. “Save Changes” to update your settings.

    I’m sorry for your inconvenience but thank you for your cooperation!

    P.S. The settings file does not contain the absolute paths for local DBs.

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    thank you, I managed to change the paths by myself in this case. It would be grateful to have a possibility of manual update of the path for such cases. Specially for that users changing providers each 3, 6 or 12 months. Generally I’m not touching any backend, I’m simply moving FTP to FTP and changing config-files by adding the new login data…

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Hi @cybergirl,

    Sorry about your inconvenitne.

    In the version 3.0.14 and up, it is possible to re-install the the geolocation DBs automatically when you deactivate and activate again.

    Thank you for the feedback to this issue!

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