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    Tried using the plugin for a local backup, but it ended up clogging both the webserver and the debug log (100,000+ error messages while backup was running). Mostly failed calls to php functions such as: “request_Method”, “request_uri”, “http_headers”, “user_agent”, “request_entity, “ip”, “date”. Would recommend fallbacks in cases where such methods fail, rather than persistently retry them until things brake.

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson



    You need to post some of your log to make this post useful, as I am unable to learn anything useful from it in its present form. UpdraftPlus nowhere contains the strings request_Method, request_uri, http_headers or user_agent in its source code, so I am unsure what problems you are referring to.

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    It might be from hooking to WordPress core functions, as most of the aforementioned functions naturally try to get some information from the user accessing it. I assumed this to be a result of my XAMPP configuration (on localhost, denying it access to larger networks), and therefore did not think much of it.

    I essentially installed it without problems, but got a clogged debug log after trying to run a backup. The problem was resolved when I uninstalled the plugin, but I cannot definitely say that UpDraftPlus was the perpetrator as it might have conflicted with other plugins, and as said my local configuration disallows most calls to the internet.

    Marked as resolved: Assume the error to be unique to my server setup.

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    Hi, thanks. It’s hard for me to say anything useful without seeing any of the logs myself.

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