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  • Since there are few people who do host their own website, the people over at WordPress development probably figured it’d be safe to assume that all WordPress installs would be on a remote server. But for those of us who do host our own website, we’d generally be out of luck when we wanted to have local access and online access for the blog. So, this hack was made for the intention of solving that problem.

    » Download Loc-On

    Some problems I know of:

    • If you try to connect via LAN to your server, say on it will not work. ( I’m not sure if this is true for all LANs, it may depend on the router )
    • On the wp-options menu, the site’s home and URL will go to localhost even if it’s not it’s true value.

    The version is currently at 1.0.1, and is stable.

    A side note is that in NO way do I recommend you use this to allow connections from a second URL, as it uses the home ip of to serve you the localhost URL. I’ll work on fixing it up to make it more manageable and customizable.

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