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    I am really surprised to notice that this so-called fork from Jetpack does not progressively load and scale your images like the real JP Carousel does!

    If you open the Developer Tools in Chrome and go to the example at
    you can see that only the requested image plus next and previous image is loaded.
    For example if there are 9 images and I click on image 5 to open the carousel, only image 5, 4 and 6 are loaded. Clicking on the next arrow will have image 6 already loaded and will now load image 7 etc.
    This preload technique is used in any intelligent slideshow / carousel.
    “Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack” just loads all the images at once!!

    Also I uploaded 4608×3456 images to my WP galleries and this plugin just loads all these enormous images in their original size
    The real JP Carousel loads scaled versions of your images based on the viewport or screen resolution. For example
    will be loaded on a small resolution screen and
    when I visit the same page on my HD monitor.

    Just on a sidenote, it seems the ‘other’ plugin “Gallery Carousel Without JetPack” does appear to do exactly the same as this one.. Only the REAL JP Carousel features an intelligent preload strategy.

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  • APTM


    OK I did some more testing and it looks like I was wrong about the scaling.
    Apparently your plugin serves image versions based on the WP >media >settings.

    But loading all the images at once is not acceptable.
    Do you plan on fixing this?

    I do have to compliment you on the tiled images, good job.
    When using the original JP tiled images these are loaded from a WP server which processes your original images. No Good..

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