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  • Updating WordPress or the theme does not affect your Google pagerank!

    But a slow website can affect your google pagerank and very badly. Here is why: if a user finds your website in a Google search, clicks on it and, because it loads very slow, chooses to go back, Google scores that as a bounce, thinking the content of your website is not relevant for that search, and decreasing your pagerank.

    However, your pageload speed score is 92% for desktops and 65% for mobiles, the main problem for mobiles being your hosting provider. The customizr demo scores 70% for mobiles and 84% for desktops.

    So it’s nothing you should worry about. Your website is among top 20% fastest websites on the web. It is not going to lose visitors due to pageload speed anytime soon, unless your hosting provider is spiky and I did my testing during a peak.

    Thanks acub 🙂
    Do you think i shold upgrade wordpress and customizr versions ? I am using child theme.

    I would definitely upgrade.

    I would, however, make a full backup of all website files and folders, and a full database backup. Should I run into any compatibility issues with plugins or theme, that I wouldn’t be able to solve after upgrade, I’d revert everything to the backup.

    But, than again, there aren’t many issues I cannot debug when it comes to WordPress. In this particular case, the only problems you might have are with qtranslate (which I kind of dumped in favor of mqtranslate on most of the multilangual websites I ran). If you want to make the switch, here’s a small snippet to make Customizr compatible with mqtranslate too (this goes into functions.php of the child theme):

    if ( is_plugin_active('mqtranslate/mqtranslate.php') ) {
    	add_filter( 'tc_slide_link_url' , 'tc_url_lang' );
    	add_filter( 'tc_logo_link_url' , 'tc_url_lang');
    	add_filter( 'tc_fp_link_url' , 'tc_url_lang');
    	add_filter( 'tc_slide_title', 'tc_apply_qtranslate' );
    	add_filter( 'tc_slide_text', 'tc_apply_qtranslate' );
    	add_filter( 'tc_slide_button_text', 'tc_apply_qtranslate' );
    	add_filter( 'tc_slide_background_alt', 'tc_apply_qtranslate' );
    	add_filter( 'tc_fp_text', 'tc_apply_qtranslate' );
    	add_filter( 'tc_fp_button_text', 'tc_apply_qtranslate' );
    	add_filter( 'tc_slide_title_length'  , 'tc_remove_char_limit');
    	add_filter( 'tc_slide_text_length'   , 'tc_remove_char_limit');
    	add_filter( 'tc_slide_button_length' , 'tc_remove_char_limit');
    	add_filter( 'tc_fp_text_length' , 'tc_remove_char_limit');

    Just keep in mind that I already made a github commit to the Customizr master to make it compatible with mqtranslate. If and when this commit gets included into Customzir, the code above would be rendered useless. It won’t break any website that uses it, but it would slow any page that loads a slider with a fraction of a second, applying those filters twice on all sliders.

    If you choose not to make the switch, you probably need to go into qtranslate.php and manually edit (~ line 90) to

    define('QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION', '3.9.1');

    Also, to suppress some ugly warnings, you might want to replace qtrans_localeForCurrentLanguage() function in qtranslate_hooks.php (~ line 47) with:

    function qtrans_localeForCurrentLanguage($locale){
    	global $q_config;
    	if(!array_key_exists('language', $q_config)){$q_config['language'] = $q_config['default_language'];}
    	// try to figure out the correct locale
    	$locale = array();
    	$locale[] = $q_config['locale'][$q_config['language']].".utf8";
    	$locale[] = $q_config['locale'][$q_config['language']]."@euro";
    	$locale[] = $q_config['locale'][$q_config['language']];
    	$locale[] = $q_config['windows_locale'][$q_config['language']];
    	$locale[] = $q_config['language'];
    	// return the correct locale and most importantly set it (wordpress doesn't, which is bad)
    	// only set LC_TIME as everyhing else doesn't seem to work with windows
    	setlocale(LC_TIME, $locale);
    	return $q_config['locale'][$q_config['language']];

    I hope this will help you upgrade and that all go smooth with it.

    As a side-note, qtranslate is known to be a very unwise plugin when it comes to server resources (it tries to filter everything, to make sure no untranslated content gets into the page and, in doing so, it slows your website a bit), so if you’re worried about your website performance you should definitely change to mqtranslate (a bit better from this pov, not by much though, after all it is a qtranslate fork).


    Thanks acub, I’ll take your advice and i will try to update after make a full backup 🙂

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