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  • I have a blog with version 2.3.1 and is working perfect… with one exception.
    It loads verry hard. Some friends tolded that they have same problem.
    I have a good webhosting and the problem seems that it’s not from them.

    I know from where is the problem but i don’t know how to solve it.

    PROBLEM: When visiting the blog… it saves some cookies.
    Don’t know why BUT because of ONE of that cookies it saves… the page is loading verry hard.
    Cookie Name: PHPSESSID

    Every time when it saves that cookie named “PHPSESSID” it starts loading verry hard… after i delete that cookie it’s loading VERRY fast. Every time is the same problem.
    If it would be only my problem… i wouldn’t ask for help… but seems that it’s happening to all blog visitors.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thank You !

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  • Is there noone that can help me with this?

    I don’t understand what you mean by “loading hard”. Nothing seems to work on the site in your profile if that is what you refer to. It says 2.2.2 and not 2.3.1.

    If you are referring to this site, it loaded very quickly for me.

    Looks like you have a problem with your permalinks though.

    no… it’s not that site.
    It’s this one:
    When users browse the page… reading articles there is no problem from what i’ve seen… but if a user is registered as an Author and post a comment or something… after post the page stops working for the user that posted.
    Also… me … as an Administrator i have problems too.

    For eg.: If i edit the WP Template, after i press “Update File” i saves the changes. Everything is good so far…BUT… after it saved the changes and i try to browse the page it stops working. I have to delete that “PHPSESSID” cookie or to close the browser. By closing the browser that cookie is deleted and i can browse my webpage again.
    Every time when i try to make some changes from Admin CP… it makes the changes without problem… but after changes have been made it stops working untill that cookie is deleted.

    What i need is a plugin if possible. A plugin that deletes the “PHPSESSID” cookie.Also it creates another cookie “wordpress_test_cookie”…i think that deleteing the “wordpress_test_cookie” will solve the problem.
    Can anyone make this? Or can anyone give me a solution to this problem?

    Thank You !

    PS. Sorry for my bad english… i hope you will understand something from what i’ve wrote.

    You might want to list your plugins that are doing whatever tricks it is already performing. That is NOT a typical WP site but looks and acts more like an spammy aggregation site. People are submitting articles? Why are they all on a different non WP site?

    It looks like an attempt to legally pull-in content from free article sites. In return the poster is hoping to monetize through ad clicks. Thats my best interpretation of what the sites true intentions are.

    IcelandDream … I don’t understand what you want to say.!
    Do you want to say that my website spams people? or something like this?

    I can assure you that i’m using WP 2.3.1 and i have normal WP pluggins, and i also use the SmartRSS to get more content to it because i don’t have time to write articles.

    If you want to know what plugins i use.. here they are:
    Maybe you’ll change your oppinion.

    IcelandDream … I don’t understand what you want to say.!
    Do you want to say that my website spams people? or something like this?

    He’s not saying your site spams people. Generally people around here are a little hesitant to help blogs like yours. Why? It’s pretty simple, your blog existences so that it can make you money, without you actually even doing anything. At least thats what I’ve gotten so far…

    Thank You Tank71 for you support.

    That’s what i’m trying to do. I’m trying to make a blog that could make me some money from ADS.
    My english is bad and i can’t write perfect (gramaticaly) articles.
    Also i don’t have time to write articles and that’s why i use SmartRSS to add content to it… untill i will have a nice google rank to have registered members (authors) that really like to write articles or people that just want to say an oppinion about any of the subject from my blog.
    Offcourse that i won’t use the SmartRSS forever. I will stop it in 1 maximum 2 months because i think that then i will be able to have few visitors/day that will want to write an article or a comment.

    If some people don’t understand this…i think that at least they should try to understand.

    Thank You again for your support Tank71.

    He’s not saying your site spams people.


    However we haven’t solved the problem and I don’t think I know what it is except that the feeds are not working right since nobody is actually writing articles.

    That’s anyway for help… If will apprear any news about WP cookies … please let me know. I’m gonna search wp webpage for anything that could help.

    Thank You !

    I have a similar problem which appears to be OS specific.

    On FF2.0.0.11 (and previous versions) running on OSX10.4.11 when I have a copy of PHPSESSID set from the main site I cannot access the site nor the admin pages.

    If I go to the admin pages, get the cookies set there, i can continue to access the admin pages with no problems, and I can access the blog once OK.

    But once I have gone to the blog page, I cannot return to the admin pages using back buttons in same tab, nor open the pages in another tab, nor close tab and open either page.

    Clearing the cookie allows me access again.

    I can’t replicate this with same browser running on XP.

    Any ideas?

    (blog is

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