• Yesterday I noticed a problem with a number of my wordpress websites. All of the sites with your Hupso plugin were failing to load completely, and would eventually, after a very long time, timeout. This happened for about a 10-15 minute period sometime around noon EST. Today, I’ve noticed a couple periods of slow response from your “static.hupso.com” server.

    I found that if I deactivated the Hupso plugin, the sites would load normally.

    It is important to me that my sites consistently load fast and completely. I’m not sure what is going on behind the scenes with your plugin that could cause this issue. However, I would be good if you could figure out a graceful way to handle instances when the plugin, or server behind it, fails for some reason.

    I think your plugin is great and very useful. But, if it’s going to cause my wordpress site to fail to load when there is a problem with it, I won’t be able to continue to use it.

    Again, thanks for the great plugin 🙂 Just needs tweak to fix this issue.


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  • Follow-up…

    I see that if I follow the instructions at this link:

    I can setup the plugin to fetch the share buttons from my local server. That’s a nice feature and can circumvent the issue of times that “static.hupso.com” might be down. Still, it might be good to consider a more graceful way for the loading of buttons, etc to fail, for those users who do not choose to serve files locally.

    Plugin Author kasal


    Thank you for your suggestion. I will try to find a more graceful way for the loading of buttons.

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