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  • Using the latest version of wordpress, but I’ve not setup anything just yet as I want to know if this is possible.

    I want to create a website with a ‘one page’ experience.

    There will be tabs a long the top of the site that visitoris will click to see the posts within the tab category.

    Now I would normally call this a menu as it would cause the visitor to navigate to another page , BUT I want the visitor to stay on that one page and the content to load without refreshing or loading another page. The same page will effectively be loading data from the database and populating the current page.

    Is this possible with wordpress?

    Thank in advance

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  • I felt this needed more explaining –

    the process that I can see occuring is the following :

    1. Visitor cliks Tab ( a category )
    2. The tab doesn’t link to a page, instead it returns false (javascript) and calls a function which then calls the information from the database ( posts within the category clicked ) and display the information on the page in some order. It may call the information and then put it in a JSON file / Array or something and then I would need to display the posts in order of newest to oldest in a content area below the tabs.

    Visitors would be posting information under each category at some point in the website but for now I want to try and get this functionality working

    Thanks again in advance

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