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  • Hello everybody,

    In the theme I currently have I have a lot of strange pages like shorts.php or bottomblock.php .

    I also have a photos.php made myself.

    But I really dont understand HOW and WHERE these pages are being called to load and where they need to be loaded.

    In the index.php I only see: get_header or get_footer for an example.

    But where are those individual pages parts being called up because I cant seem to find it and I want to add a piece to the page.



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  • Normally I would just place it in the footer because I need the total width but it seems it isnt even being loaded with the current theme and right now the total width is split up it two..

    It would help to know the theme, since ‘shorts.php’ and ‘bottomblock.php’ are not default WordPress template filenames.

    I am using the theme “fauxed” . But this is probably not the theme I will be using but if you can explain how, why and where things are instructed to load by using the theme I would really like to know it because I really cant find it..

    Okay, maybe this is just a bad question, What I want to achieve is: after the posts that are being viewed I want to load some pictures in some space over the total width of the page. How can I just create space to load or type something in within a theme? Using for example footer.php. If you need a picture to clear it up I will post one but I hope you get the picture, I think its kinda simple but I miss just that bit of php knowledge to achieve that.

    Never mind I’ve found how to do the trick.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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