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  • I have always been under the impression that a WP theme with a side bar on theleft would load that code first then the content. If the theme had a right displayed sidebar it would load after the content.

    I currently run WP 1.5.1 useing the Rin theme. My left sidebar is in this order:
    Day by Day script and cartoon
    Recent comments
    Categories, etc etc.

    Here is the scenario that has me confused.

    Twice I have posted an entry, as recent as last night, and when the index page loaded it stopped after the Day by Day cartoon, with a blank content area and no footer.

    I assumed either the Day by Day script or recent comments just below it failed in some way and stopped the entire page from loading.

    To verify this I commented out Day by Day. Then the page stopped loading after recent comments. I had the same results when I commented outrecent comments, the page stopped loading after Miniblog.

    Riddle me this? I solved the problem in both cases by deleting the post I had just entered prior to the problem occuring.

    So tell this sorry assed coder why if a left sidebar template loads first, then the content, then the footer why would a posted entry stop the sidebar, in addition to all the content and footer from loading?

    Oh… the entry? Dammed if I know whats wrong with it! You can see it here. Please ignore the opening and closing PHP code, that’s entered by the Paste bin service.

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  • I suspect your server is a Democrat . . .

    Hemmm… that could be I hadn’t thought of that 🙂

    Just an update. I attempted to enter another blog post with the same results. Sidebar stops at the Day by Day script, with no content data and no footer.

    After deleting the post the blog display returned to normal.

    Any ideas?

    Any one.

    Did it work normal before?
    What’s the content of HTML source code when the error occurs?

    Have you tried reviewing the source code once your index page loads? I sometimes find by looking at that code, I can find where the problem is elsewhere — ie open tags, etc.

    alphaoide and nmallory:

    Yes that’s one of the first things I checked. The source code stops at the same place the visual display stops.

    Oddly enough when this occurs and the post is viewed via my archive page the effected post displays correctly.

    But the Rin theme’s comment/single post page dosen’t have a sidebar.

    Yes it did operate normally previously (1500 total posts and approx 20-30 after 1.5.1 upgrade).

    In fact when I first started this thread the problem occured, I deleted the post (see link above for content) then successfully entered a test post. Some hours later a second post was entered and the problem reoccured!

    Can you switch theme for now to verify whether the issue is theme-related or not?

    I hadn’t thought of switching themes.

    Stand by and I’ll check.

    Update: Nope, not theme related. I changed to Default Kubrick, Plain Vanilla, and Manji2. all actually displayed less than my usual theme Rin.

    Just reentered the original post (linked above) and it created the same problem.

    Yet I just entered a test post and the blog displays OK. It makes ZERO sense to me. I’ve entered two normal posts both had the same disply problem as described, but two test posts don’t create the problem!!

    Dazed and confused!!!

    Now check if it’s plugin-related.
    Disable all plugins. Issue persists?
    If not start enabling plugin one by one and verify everytime.

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    That may take awhile, me being a plugin freak.

    But to be honest why would a plugin problem only effect certain posts and not others – unless – I did enter a tag (Bunnys technorati tags) in all the posts



    It was Mark Jaquith’s “Nice Categories” plugin.

    Once it was disabled then re-enabled the page displayed correctly.

    BUT that still doesn’t answer my original question. (loading sequence of WP temps)

    This plugin (I think) only adds quote marks around the cat listing for each post. That is displayed at the end of each post.

    With Rin having a left sidebar and the problem apparently starting with a plugin that should only be activated when the entry is loaded and displayed in the content area, why the problem?

    But at least I, or I should say WE, found the problem.

    Thanks alphaoid for nurseing my though it.

    Think I’ll send a note to Mark Jaquith and see if he can shed some light on the subject.

    Have you upgraded to the latest version of Nice Categories – the version for WP 1.5 broke under WP 1.5.1.

    What it usually does is put your choice of separators between categories when a post is in more than one category:

    “Category1, Category2 and Category3”

    rather than

    “Category1, Category2, Category3”

    Could one of your category names be upsetting it? Sounds bizarre, but….

    Loading sequence – AFAIK, code is rendered from top down. It’s not where the sidebar is set by CSS to display, it’s where it is in the code sequence. Look at the source code of the rendered page, and you should see what’s first – in most themes the sidebar code comes after the main content code.

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