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    I am working to use this solution on several websites, however all of them are running into the same issue..

    The map works fine from the submission page, however when I go to the event, the map does not display.

    One of the websites is

    I would appreciate input on what could be causing the issue and how to resolve it.


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  • not part of support… just some dude.

    There are many threads here about this topic..

    But what it looks like is a plugin or theme conflict.
    First off jquery is not being defined (once).. as an error on the west bottom location.
    and twice on your Home page.

    So you need to deactivate other plugins to test (one at time to find the conflict).
    But.. it looks like you have only one which is Events Manager.

    But it looks like you have autopimize running and WP-Super-Cache…

    Clear the cache in those.
    Deactivate those.

    Your theme looks to be EatInKC.. which is either something you built and or used some program to build it..

    Test with those other plugins deactivate, test.
    Then and a default WordPress Theme like Twenty Seventeen .

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    Thanks so much, I’ve seen your posts around here much before and it’s always nice to see regulars that help. Lost my old account but was doing the same some 10 years ago here and hopeful to get back into the swing with WP..

    I’ve got another site I could change everything up more easily, so I did. Default theme, Events is the only plugin that is running now, still the same issue.

    I’m wondering if something went wrong on the API? … I enabled all three (checked them) and go the key, added ** and to the URLs and verified the urls with google to prove ownership.

    As you clearly know this plugin very well, are there any other spots you would suggest I look? Perhaps google, or on my VPS from Dreamhost?

    Plugin Support caimin_nwl


    I’m seeing Maximum call stack size exceeded errors on your site. That probably means the either the address info has been entered incorrectly or something is interfering with the data.

    You also have a jQuery loading error which may be causing problems.

    It’s possible this is a conflict caused by your theme or another plugin. To check if it is, can you test with all other plugins deactivated and while running the default WordPress theme?

    Not sure if you are familiar with how to look at errors on a page…
    if not.. just so you can see what I am seeing..

    On popular browsers..
    Right click on a page.. pop up menu..
    Click “Inspect Element”
    On the first bar you will see “Console”
    now below that bar.. is “JS”
    there is a tiny little “drop down arrow” click that and it opens up..
    Enable Errors and the Warnings.

    On this page..
    the map is stuck.. and has problems with “too much recursion” which is directly pertaining to the map being stuck.
    “A function that calls itself is called a recursive function. In some ways, recursion is analogous to a loop. Both execute the same code multiple times, and both require a condition (to avoid an infinite loop, or rather, infinite recursion in this case). When there is too much or infinite recursion, JavaScript will throw this error.”

    That events page… it looks like you are loading the map twice.
    The gray box on the right..
    and the box “Loading Map” below..

    In settings–> Formating
    Events… scroll down to “Single Events”
    Eliminate one of those maps being loaded..
    Look for this being used twice #_LOCATIONMAP

    I tested on one of my sites with two maps being loaded and it has the same problem.

    But when I go to the location page…
    We have success and the map is loading.

    I think you have the API going ok because we see the map on the Locations page.
    I would use this (with out the dot before the domain) in the API
    I don’t think that is a major problem but keeps things generic.

    As you clearly know this plugin very well, are there any other spots you would suggest I look? Perhaps google, or on my VPS from Dreamhost?

    On the BBQ page.. I would suggest (along with deactivating the Super Cache and autopitmize plugin)..

    a test with a default WordPress Theme.

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    Please see my reply to Rob before, it has a link to a website running the default theme, no plugins besides the event manager. None the less, see below as well 🙂 Thanks for the excellent plugin and hard work! I’ll be sure to include you on our credits page 😉


    You are a gift, I ran through your suggestions with detail and made a few other minor tweaks to the layout, and presto!

    Feel free to give me a shout if you are in town, few ribs for you on me! You know how to find me 😉

    — added —

    In reviewing my steps, I think super cache had caused the issue from the start, as it was on, then the map failed to work, but then its cache was still screwing with me later. Forced refreshes and thumbing through the code as Rob directed got me out of the woods.

    Perhaps caimin_nwl you could make a strong note that this does not work with cache plugins, or suggest one that it does work with?

    Again, thanks to you both!

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    Cool, glad you got it figured out..

    In the long run you do want a cache program running.

    Some Cache plugins can be funky… I tried some a couple of years that caused me problems.
    I think you had Autoptimize running before..
    Essentially it defers scripts loading, you probably have to fool around with it in it’s settings to tweak the way you want it to work.
    I use it on my sites

    I would suggest using a firewall/virus/login protect program.

    Wordfence used to have an awesome cache with it, which they since discontinued to concentrate on just their plugin.

    But a fellow “forked” it (branched it to another plugin).
    Vendi Cache
    For Vendi Cache, the following link, I show you how you can make a small file on your site, call it from a cron job, or just bookmark the file, and click the bookmark to the file, to clear it’s cache.

    My website is very dynamic so I have to clear the cache a couple of times a day.

    Good that you have a test site, everybody should do that for debugging.
    You can try the plugins I have mentioned here, one at a time, to figure out their settings.
    I would start with Wordfence and Vendi Cache, as they used to be bundled together.
    Autoptimize often needs more tweaking.

    You can test your cacheing and autoptimizing for performance at Google

    And GTmetrix

    Good luck and don’t forget to clear cache’s when testing

    I need to clarify… when testing plugins and themes..
    clear your cache…

    When testing Google Page insights..
    or GTmetrix…

    You want your cache working… so before you test for page speed optimization.
    Look at your pages… as you were a normal user. Not in admin logged in.
    That way your cache’s are running.. ie stored.
    For faster page loads..
    Hope that helps.

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