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  • I’ve got a working site. I loaded easy table plugin and built a table to host over 50 small mp3 files. The page loads correctly but the audio won’t load.

    I’m running checks in the inspector of firefox ‘network’ tab. and all the GETs for the audio are failing.

    I’m hosting the audio in a folder at my root and NOT in the media library.

    On my links to the audio I’ve tried

    [audio src="/LinkToFile.mp3]
    [audio src="]
    [audio src=" preload="auto"]
    [audio mp3="]

    none of these work

    I’m confounded, it feels like the server is deciding not to load based on time?

    my website is

    and these files are at

    and the actual page I’m trying to load is

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  • Mike — Did you ever get this figured out? I’m trying to do this, too.

    I ended up getting it to work.

    here are a few of my items…

    [table caption=”Microphone Test” width=”100%” colwidth=”20|60|80|20|80|80″ colalign=”center”]
    Group,Mic Brand,Mic Model,Mic Price,Actor,File

    [audio src=""]

    [audio src=""]

    [audio src=""]
    2,Charter Oak,E 700,1000,Casey,

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