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    Hi Support,

    We recently bought your product, and we are really happy with it.

    However, is some cases, the initial load takes near 1 minutes on Safari (MacOs & IOS) if nothing is in cache and it is the first loading for the user. Once the page has been loaded, the issue does not appear anymore for the next loading.
    This issue does not appear on other browser tested (less than 2 seconds loading on Chrome).

    I followed the instructions on your post “Welcome to our support forum!”
    All the plugins are deactivated except SSL, WooCommerce and Annasta and I activated the StoreFront theme, but the issue is still there.

    I hope that you will be able to help us.

    Best regards and many thanks in advance,

    Loïc, e-novision

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Dear Loïc,

    Thank you for supporting our work with a premium purchase, please remember that as a premium user you are also entitled to priority email support! If you ever decide to use it, just drop us a line via our contact form.

    Unfortunately we do not have any Apple device in proximity to test the Safari browser issue described by you. Are you talking about the mobile or desktop version of Safari? Your page is reasonably fast on any Windows browser that I tried opening it with, and it is very strange that page load would take so much longer on Safari, after all it makes requests to the same very server, and it’s the server that “sends” page contents for display!

    Have you perhaps checked the Safari browser console for errors? Are there any?

    To exclude other factors influencing your shop page loads, could you please temporarily deactivate annasta Filters, and reload your shop page (with cache disabled) to see if the problem persists?

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    Hi Support,

    Thank you for your quick response.

    Yes, this is very strange that the issue appears only with Safari (for both mobile and desktop). We made a few tests on an Apple Devices (Desktop & Mobile) and I can confirm that only Safari is concerned by the issue. Chrome and even Mozilla on Apple Devices works properly.

    We have been able to reproduce a similar issue on IE11. The page freezes while render, during about 10 seconds, which could be normal for an old browser. But the issue is the same on Safari last version, but it’s even worse (60 seconds).

    We haven’t founded any error or warning in the console that might be linked to the issue. We also tried to disable Annasta Filters and the issue disappear.

    Please try to find any Apple device to reproduce the issue.

    Thanks in advance,

    Plugin Author annastaa


    Hello again Loïc,

    We’ll try to arrange another test on an Apple device, but I have to tell you that we did occasionally check the work of our filters on iPhones and Apple laptops, and while there were a few odd things noticed at the time, the one that you describe was never the issue. Can you please go to our demo page with one of your Apple devices and see if you observe the same problem with it as well? I am asking because I remember surfing this page on an iPhone just a few weeks ago, and there definitely was no loading time issue. If you have it, perhaps it could be some extension of your Safari browser that is causing it?

    As for your shop page, the one thing that certainly stands out is the unusually large amount of filtering items, including large and nested (hierarchical) taxonomies. I would say since your server doesn’t seem to have a problem with building these lists, it shouldn’t be a problem for a modern browser to render them, but what if Safari struggles with this kind of DOM structure?

    If you don’t observe any particular delay on our demo page, you could try creating another filtering preset with just one filter in it on your own site, and temporarily placing just this one preset on your shop page, and then measure the performance change. If you discover that the too large filtering lists are indeed the cause of the problem, I’m afraid it’s going to be just that, but at least you will know the reason! You could then try reducing the amount of filters, if that is possible, or just let Safari be..

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    I tested your demo on my Apple devices, it works but it works even better on Chrome. Anyway the main problem is the hierarchical large amount of categories.

    But the weird things is that on Chrome – Firefox – EDGE – IE, the loading is very fast…

    There is a way to limit the number of children categories ? Like loading only the first 4 level of categories ?

    Or the best way would be that subcat load only when you open the parent cat dynamically with an AJAX call.

    Thanks for your help !

    Plugin Author annastaa


    I agree with you, it IS very strange that Safari is so much behind the competition on such a basic issue!

    As for limiting hierarchical children, there is only an option of not displaying them at all which doesn’t seem to be relevant to your case. You can also select the starting hierarchical level for a filter like that.

    Our filters do not AJAX-reload, but to limit the categories display, theoretically you could also use product category taxonomy archive pages, in combination with filters preset associated with this archive page via its Display on setting, and a product category filter with relevant category (and its children) selected with the help of Filter items control > Manual selection. Since you are a premium user, you can do the same for many archive pages, but unfortunately we are not allowed to discuss premium options on this forum, so if you need further details on this approach, please contact us directly for a better explanation!

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    Hello Loïc,

    I’ll mark this inactive thread as resolved, but please feel free to open a new one if you have any further questions!

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