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    Hello, we use Monster Insights on a number of sites, paid version, and all sites are getting notices from GA to switch to using gtag.js but Monster Insights use analytics.js

    Two different things yes and we probably won’t notice performance differences but it does open up new features and they are pushing for it so surely the option should be there?

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  • Yes – I’m getting notified by Google today that I should switch. What is the current status and position from Monster Insights on this?

    We would also like to know how MonsterInsights plans to handle this or if they have plans to migrate to gtag.js? We have clients reaching out about the notices from GA to make the switch.

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    Hi folks,
    Our team meets with Google’s tagging team every 2 weeks, so we’re on top of any changes that are required. With MonsterInsights, you don’t need to worry about the actual tagging implementation because we handle that (and any changes needed) automatically.

    Right now, we’re waiting on them to finish implementing some features so that our users don’t lose any features on upgrade, and also for them to fix some bugs in their gtag implementation that we’ve reported. We plan on making this upgrade, despite Google not providing a backwards compatible upgrade path, completely seamless for our users (unlike everyone else doing this upgrade), and we don’t plan on requiring our users to do any sort of upgrade steps, particularly when our users are already busy in the run up to the holiday season.

    To that end we’re also working with them on a wide range of initiatives, including to shim any existing code users might have implemented outside of MonsterInsights to the “new” tagging solution.

    In the meantime, you’re not missing out on anything. gtag.js is simply a wrapper for analytics.js (loading gtag.js for analytics simply loads analytics.js) so there’s no new features (but they are missing some as I mentioned earlier we’re working with them on getting issued).

    As with any Google Analytics launch, we’ll always be on top of it, like we were with a launch day addon release for Google Optimize, pioneering solutions for cross-site tracking for Google Analytics implementations on AMP, and many others.

    As a product that prides itself on ease of use while bringing the most advanced tagging to WordPress, we’ll have this launched as soon as Google’s ready for us to move everyone over.

    Looking forward to providing everyone the best experience on today’s and tomorrow’s analytics,


    Hey Chris,

    Thank you for the thorough answer! Much appreciated.


    I wish every developer was a responsive and transparent as you @chriscct7


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    thank you @chriscct7

    Thank you @chriscct7 — so appreciate this helpful info!

    @chriscct7 Any update on this? I have a client who keeps getting the notices from Google about not having gtag.js. I would like to be able to give them a date.

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