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  • I’m loading a flash file that requires a config.xml file.
    when I put it on the home page and have the .swf and .xml file in the root it works fine but when I am working with flash files in subdirectories and the path to the page is created dynamically I get an error “can’t load config.xml”
    .swf and .xml are in the same directory

    I’m fairly certain this is a path issue but can’t figure this out to save my life.

    I’ve compared the config file that works side by side with the one that does not… no difference (other than image paths)

    Has anyone run into this or have a suggestion?



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  • You didn’t say exactly how you were loading… whether you’re writing a plugin, using an existing plugin, hand coding the stuff in a template file, constructing a swfobject?

    You’ll probably need to reference the XML file with the absolute URI, ie something that starts with the /xxx/wp-content/etc…

    Or, if the swf also allows you to get the static parameters it needs via FlashVars, try using swfobject to help pass those.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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