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  • in yslow my grade is a c 71. The problems I need to address are make fewer http request and put javascript at the bottom. I am using w3 total cache and 2% understand how to minify the javascript after the body but it seem to not change my score.I need help Please!!!!

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  • Please provide a site link for help with such issues. Without, we could hardly guess.

    The issue is more related to lack of compression on your server and whether or not files are cached locally:

    How to Enable GZIP Compress on PHP Websites

    Above discusses turning compression on within your php ini file. (read it all as it may impact some wp plugins).

    As for locally caching files add this to the top of your .htaccess file:

    <IfModule mod_expires.c>
        ExpiresActive on
        ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 60 days"
        ExpiresByType text/javascript "access plus 60 days"
        ExpiresByType image/ico "access plus 60 days"
        ExpiresByType image/jpg "access plus 60 days"
        ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 60 days"
        ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 60 days"
        ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 60 days"
        ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 60 days"
        ExpiresByType text/html "access plus 60 days"

    Change the # of days that is inline with your site (but keep above 14 is recommended). You can also remove any of the lines above with the days.

    The next step is the number and size of images on the page. They are being sent full size but are not displayed as that size in the browser. This is waste of bandwidth.

    Start with these and report back.

    OK I put the code above in the htaccess file.

    I haven’t found the php ini, what should i be looking for?

    Question, at the top of th htaccess it start with # BEGIN s2Member GZIP exclusions
    should i put the code above that or below?

    Should I put the code above that or below?

    At the VERY top, nothing above it.

    As for the ini file, you will have to work with your webhost to discover if you are allowed to use one, what settings can be overrode with it, etc.

    How can i reduce the images size because I have close to750-800 overalll on the site. Does subdomain slow the main site down?

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    How can i reduce the images size

    It’s not a WordPress issue, but try this resource

    Does subdomain slow the main site down?

    It can if it is a redirect and is fully dependent on your server (webhost) environment, etc., but should not not significantly (unless you have very high traffic).

    One thing you may want to consider is a CDN for your images. This will allow multiple servers to serve resources to your site visitors. (Note this can even be done from other domains). You can also serve other resources from there (.css, .js)

    Amazon’s is quite popular:

    As for image sizes (dimensions), there is not really an all in one solution when you have many images up – work on the ones on the homepage (or any page with many hits) and going forward use a tool such as Gimp to optimize these and upload an image with the dimensions as displayed.

    Ok, I’m somewhat catching on, I found the php ini page and in blue txt, I found the zib and turnt in on and made the compression level 6

    Your site performance numbers are way up – so far better – but the time to load the basic page index.php is still loading slow.

    It looks like it is loading the s2member-o.php twice.

    Try seeing if this is plugin related by deactivating them all, clearing server cache and re-testing…activate one plugin at a time, clear cache, test, until the issue recurs.

    Well the numbers went way up because I did auto minify but i cant see the feature content slider anymore.

    You will need to work through all the issues, the best way is to start with a good server config setup and your basic theme, then test the plugins, etc…

    Ok thanks for the help, I will contact you in alittle bit after I tried all the plugins.

    Question, if i minify js manually, should i put them in the non blocking or blocking?
    after body or before?

    This gets tricky…If the js is required to display the page (i,e., a menu or widget), it needs to be called in the head or at the top of body – if it’s an analytic tool or is to function after page load, it can be in the footer (after body).

    Your BEST best bet is to reduce so many scripts…too many plugins = slow

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