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  • Hi there, great plug-in great player – everything’s awesome but is there a way to force the player to load prior to the images loading.
    I am a wedding photographer and quite often my posts will have 100 odd images, the player waits for all the images to load prior to loading itself ( so there is just a blank space ) whilst the images are loading, meaning that no body will ever seen it because they are not going to wait for all the images to load in order to press play 🙁
    Any way to fix this..?

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  • Plugin Contributor tommcfarlin


    As of now, there’s not a way to manage this as it requires a certain amount of time before the player loads (for technical reasons).

    This is something that I do want to improve. As soon as I make some progress, I’ll definitely be sure to update it.

    Wish I had better news, but hopefully it helps to know that I’m aware of it and am working on it :).

    thank you for the reply…i’ll await development 🙂

    Hi Tom…

    Just wondering if there has been any progress on the above question. I have seen on other people’s sites that their wpaudio player does indeed load before the images so i am just wondering how they managed to do this?

    Hello Tomek,

    I had a problem also preload the player in FF. I think I found the problem, we must force the preload has “auto” in the shortcode. And it works for me.
    Example: [audio preload="auto" mp3=""][/audio]

    Tom thank you for your great plugin. good luck


    hey hey man, late reply – i know, but i can’t quite seem to get it right>


    You use the shortcode? If yes, add preload=”auto” in the audio tag like the example above.

    My shortcode is slightly different, I tried to place the “auto” but it didn’t work…

    here’s mine:

    [audio:|titles=05 Atlas Hands/|loop=yes]

    I do not know then, but try something like this:
    [audio preload="auto" mp3="" titles="05 Atlas Hands" loop="yes"][/audio]

    hmmm, i tried something similar and now exactly that…player seems to disappear all together – i’ll keep having a play… Thank you anyway!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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