• Hello, does anyone had this problem? When I click on Load More Posts button located at the ?profiletab=posts .. it shows the loading dots but posts are not showing and the button disappears. Thanks!

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  • Anyone.. ?

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    Hi @adivirus,

    Can you please confirm that your user has created posts so the plugin can load them?
    This can be caused by caching, can you please do a quick conflict test and see if this issue goes away. Here is the doc on how to do a conflic test.


    Hello, this is very strange, I deactivated all the plugins and switched back to the wordpress default theme, cleared cache and still does not working, what else should I try ? I would like to mention that i am using cloudflare but I put in on pause and force cleared all cache, also before updates when i first installed it worked.. but since last updates something happened.

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    I’m having same problem. It used to work, but since some moment doesn’t load more posts anymore. Only 10 latest posts are shown.

    Yes @fishbed21 only 10 latest posts.. anyone knows a fix for this? hmm

    Exactly the same issue here too, first 10 posts and nothing when clicking ‘load more posts’

    Well, I hope we will get a fix for this bug..

    any news.. ?

    I’ve the same problem. Tried even to make new fresh wordpress installation with default theme and only ultimate member plugin installed. And even in this cased load more posts not worked.

    As I can see we have no updates.. did someone found a fix for this?

    No. The developers deny this problem.

    This sucks.. problem still persists 🙁

    Yes, I have the very same problem with the profile comments and profile posts tabs. Click on the ‘load more’ button and it attempts to work but just stops.

    Any word if this is a bug, developers?

    Since there is no support for this problem, I decided to move to another plugin – UserPro. Good luck guys 🙂

    I might look into that myself.Thanks

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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