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  • Resolved Rodrigo


    Hello guys,

    I use the Social Login buttons on my admin page and also the comments for users to log in.

    Specifically in comments, the buttons are always loaded together with the page. And using the tool, I realized that the Social Login API consumes a few seconds to load and this contributes to a delay in loading the page of my site.

    See in this screenshot that the API consumed 1.71 seconds. But beyond that, there are others who also consume a few seconds to load:

    The vast majority of users who access pages on my site do not login, so most of the time the buttons are contributing to an increase in page load time unnecessarily.

    Before that, I wanted to know if you have how to load the buttons of yours in a popup window or another pages, that is, in the comments would appear only a simple button where on clicking would open the popup or directed the user for a login page (and after login would, it return to the comments)?

    Or you could show the login buttons in the same place as they currently do. The only difference would be that the apparition of the buttons would only happen when the user requested it.

    The intention of this would be not to load the Social Login codes in the pages of posts, and would only be loaded when requested (when the user clicks the button).

    It is possible?

    Rodrigo Carlos

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  • Plugin Author Claude


    Hi Rodrigo,

    thank you very much for your email. The results from Pingdom in fact do not reflect the real loadtime. Pingdom sends specific headers that disable any caching on our side.

    The vast majority of users however having caching enabled and so the loading is always faster for them. Our resource are also loaded asynchronously.

    This means that the loading has no influence at all on the overall loading speed of the page. The whole loading happens in the background. So the loading speed of the website is independent from the loading speed of the buttons. Technically speaking the buttons cannot increase the page load time.

    There is also a better explanation here:

    This is however not reflected by Pingdom, as it does not take into consideration asynchronous loading like browser do.

    Do you personally notice and delay when browsing on your website?

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    Although I’m using CloudFlare on WP Engine which aggressively caches our sites, I can confirm that all the files get cached except for two small files with a random suffix.

    I am experimenting with CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader , but I found the OneAll files have been tagged with ‘false’. Is that really necessary?

    Plugin Author Claude



    the library.js has the data-cfasync=”false” attribute. Otherwise CloudFlare will download the library and display it from their server.

    The problem with this is that if you make changes in your OneAll account, they will not be reflected on your website, as the JavaScript is outdated.

    We had numerous tickets about this issue, before adding the tag.

    This said, the library is 13kb large, loaded asynchronously and furthermore cached by the browser for several hours 😉

    Plugin Author Claude


    Thank you for the suggestions by the way! We will have a closer look at the performance!

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