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  • Dear support team,

    On my ‘memory usage overview’ i see load averages. The color of the numbers are yellow and red. I tried to search some information about what it means but didn’t find anything.

    Here under below the information that i see:
    Usage Sample: 69.34MB (27%)
    Peak Usage: 69.56MB (27%)
    All-Time: 83.42MB on 2/14/14 @ 11:47 pm (shutdown)
    Load Averages: 2.56 3.68 4.6
    WP Memory Limit: 96M
    PHP Memory Limit: 128M

    After the load averages, the 2,56 is yellow color and the other numbers are red.
    What does this means to me? Why is it red of yellow? How can i fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

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