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  • Hello everyone,
    I’ve searched everywhere for a solution to this and either I just dont know what to search for or theres nothing out there.

    I would like to disable the lazy loading/infinite loading behavior in the media library, I have thousands and need to add them to a gallery, and it is a big pain having to hold down the page down button to get it to load the next chunk of images. Even if I could just increase how many it loads on each pull it would make my life so much easier. Is there a plugin that will just make it load the entire set in one go instead of doing it 40 at a time like it does now? I’ve tried the plugin enhanced media library and it dooesnt seem to do much.


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  • Hi there!

    Since you are creating a gallery, you can click on Add media > Media library on the post/page editor screen.

    At this stage, select the first photo, scroll all the way to the last image and click on that image, with the Shift pressed as well.

    This should help you select all the images for the gallery in one go.

    On the other hand, if this is about viewing the images on your media library library in one go, you can append ?mode=list to the end of your URL on the media library page, like so /wp-admin/upload.php?mode=list and view your media library files as a list. You can also make use of the Screen options button at the top, to change the number of items shown per page.

    Hey I appreciate the insight, this has more to do with adding them to a gallery, and oftentimes the media library is in a more limited form and you cannot load it as a list as the gallery plugin controls that config.

    Is there really not a way to turn off the infinite scroll feature and just load all the images at once? Thats the main problem I have, is that the images will load, but I have to keep scrolling to the bottom, wait for it to load the next 40 images, then do it again and again. Does that make sense? Instead of it only loading 40 at a time and then me having to scroll to the bottom for it to load more, I’d just like it to load them all at once.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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