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  • LJBook turns blogs into PDF.
    The main purpose is to get a good archive of a blog, and if some people are interested to print/publish it.
    LJBook has been started for LiveJournal users first.
    The current support for WordPress 1.0.x is beta.
    So I need some people to experiment it. It won’t include images at this time (next step).
    LJBook – WordPress
    You have to get a script to upload to your WordPress installation (rename it blogbooker.php). Then launch it and follow the instructions.
    Main things to experiment:
    – script running correctly on your server
    – PDF produced is OK
    This service is provided thanks to donators who use LiveJournal.

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  • When I used the url and tried
    1. 2000-2004 (though my entries are from july 2002)
    2. 2004 – 2004
    I got a blank pdf !
    And yes, I upload the script and executed it once, and it said everything’s installed fine.

    No difference with either, the same , blank results!

    The above attempts were made with the admin login, I tried again with the username Carthik, which is what I usually use more when I make entries, and yet, i got a blank pdf document.
    You might wanna check your code.
    Good idea, the whole setup! 🙂

    When I say blank pdf, I mean a pdf with only the Title page, the contents page with the years, and the chapters corresponding to a year printed out, and no other data.
    theres a “gads” signature kinda thing on the last page too.

    Oups… the FORM provided up to 22 March 0AM GMT was an old version… sorry about this!
    Try again and let me know if it works or not!

    1. get
    2. rename it blogbooker.php
    3. upload it to the WP root directory
    4. test if it’s accessible: for you it’s:
    If these 4 steps are OK, there is something wrong on my side…

    The ljbook page still has “entried from 2000 till 2003” in it on top.
    I assumed you wanted me to “re-install” the script on my site, and then try.
    I tried again, after uploading the php script again, installing it again, and then trying, but it still did not work, for various combinations of years.
    I tried it over and over, about 5 times… Something wrong somewhere?

    blogbooker.php is not installer properly. Because I can’t access it through this url:
    This URL is fetched by LJBook, but since it doesn’t exist, it fails (badly because even if it doesn’t find it, it continues to fetch.. I will fix it).

    I am sorry I had renamed it to booker.php instead. I fixed that, and I got the message that my login password is incorrect, so I have to wait for > 1 hour. So I will try again later, approx. two hours later.
    Sorry , I misread the instruction as “rename to booker.php” or something, My Bad!

    Since it’s a beta version you don’t have to wait!! 🙂

    I tried again, and with two usernames – admin and Carthik . To verify, I logged into my wp installation using the username/password combos, but it still tells me that the doc is cached and that I have to try an hour later or so. Maybe I should do that, what do you say?

    I got your error logs… it failed to logon (And got the response from blogbooker.php)… I purpose that you set one of your username with a dummy password… something with only letters and test again… (then change the password back).

    tried with username : admin
    password : a password less than 4 letters with only letters in it

    again it did a…
    No PDF produced.
    Check out your blog URL
    Check out your login/password
    If you think that everything is correct:
    … on me

    Retry again with a username whom password is just letters. (I suspect there are some special chars in your password).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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