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  • I updated my WordPress to 2.1 and now of course my Live+Press doesn’t work. I know there’s LJXP that works just fine, but it doesn’t have all the features that Live+Press did. Does anyone know of a way to make Live+Press work with WordPress 2.1?

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  • Seconded.

    I managed to do some very minor editing of the plugin, so that the L+P options show up for both the new post page, and the edit page, but that’s about it.

    The posts show up fine on the WP site itself, and I don’t get any errors — it just doesn’t seem to get through to LiveJournal.

    My guess is that the version of class-IXR that was required to run LivePress on WP 2.0.x or so is not mixy with WP 2.1.

    But, uh, I could also be really wrong in that guess, too. I am only passingly familiar with the WP code base, and for that matter, with PHP in general — if I was getting an error message I could at least look at what was causing the fail, and putz around, but as of right now… nothing.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    If you continue to use the class-IXR that has always been required of Live+Press (pre WP 1.5), LP will work with no real problems. I find that if I type the title of a post, press enter (which brings up post-edit.php), and continue as usual, everything works.

    … Whoops.

    In my haste to make the L+P options show up on both post-new.php and post.php, I kind of messed things up a bit.

    You’re right. It does still work perfectly well with 2.1. Thank you for telling me. I’d have been scratching my head for ages trying to figure out why it was broken, otherwise.

    Will tool around a bit more to make sure I’m not being a moron and breaking anything else, and then post the one-line changes I made so the options show up on both pages. …And actually synchs posts. Yes.

    If you still need the old class-IXR file, I think I’ve got it.

    While it posts OK, how do you make it so that L+P options show up on New Post? That’s pretty much my problem. =/

    Okay, everything seems to be working okay. Posting/editing works fine now.

    What I did to get it to show up on the New Post page:

    In ‘lpsynch.php’, I changed line 151:

    if (strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/post.php') || strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/bookmarklet.php')){


    if (strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/post-new.php') || strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/post.php') || strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/bookmarklet.php')){

    and in lpextras.php, I changed line 490:

    if (strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/post.php') || strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/bookmarklet.php'))


    if (strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/post-new.php') || strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/post.php') || strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'wp-admin/bookmarklet.php'))

    That’s it!

    Oh dear, my class-IXR.php seems not to work as expected! Has anybody got a copy that works with Live+Press 1.99?

    I got the copy of class-IXR.php that I’m using from here:

    Just scroll all the way down and there is a link to it.

    I’m using it on a WP 2.0.7 blog with no problems, and it seems to be working just fine on my test WP 2.1 installation, too.

    I am still getting the “argument must be an array” thing. That’s always been a symptom of class-IXR.php issues, but no matter what version of class-IXR.php I use, I can’t get rid of the errors.

    … Well, gosh. I’m not getting the array error, but I am suddenly unable to sync up with LJ again.

    This goes for both my journal and my test-blog; now I’m randomly getting transport errors (-32300 : transport error – HTTP status code was not 200).

    Arg. I didn’t change anything, haven’t done anything. It was working yesterday.

    Anyone know if they’re messing around with the XML-RPC at LJ or something? Or, maybe my webhost changed something on their server config. Etoile, are you at Dreamhost by any chance?

    Buh. Maybe I’ll try a test WP & L+P install on a different host. Hmm.

    EDIT: I take that back. I am getting the array error. It is sporadic and goes away if I refresh. But it’s there.

    Something changed, somewhere, in the past day or two, and I didn’t do it. Time to do some investigating.

    ok I just upgraded to 2.1 last night (I’m a bit behind the times) and I’ve only had LP 1.5.2 up til now.

    I’ve heard tell that there’s a 1.99 out there somewhere, but the Live+Press guys site is down.

    anyone know of an alternate location to get that?


    – sean

    I concur, I can’t download livepress now.

    Thirded… if thats a word. I am looking for someone who has the original ZIP for LivePress…. Or somethignsimilar to work with WP2.1

    That’s LP 1.99. I’ll see if I can find the older version, but no guarantees.

    That file is gone, but if you still have it I’d be happy to host it on my server.

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