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  • First, I’m sorry if this is a bit long, but I wanted to be sure and give enough information about what I’m trying to do and an idea of my skill level (or lack thereof) so hopefully it’ll be easier to offer any suggestions you might have.

    I have a livejournal I’ve been using for 8 years along with stuff like Twitter, Facebook, LastFM, etc. I’m wanting to use WordPress – if possible – as a central aggregator for all of these individual sites, but I don’t want to force my friends to have to come to my WP site to make comments.

    I found ljArchive which I’ve used to download all of my LJ posts & comments so I can import them into WP, but I’m looking for something that – going forward – will let me make a post at either LJ or WP and have it show up on *both* sites, and (if at all possible) to sync the comments of both sites so that if someone comments at LJ and someone else visits the WP site, they can see the LJer’s comment and respond, and their response will likewise show up on LJ. I’m hoping to use Disqus for my WP comments – is there a way to use Disqus to manage LJ comments and use that to sync them? (I am a paid user at LJ so I have access to the customizing functions.)

    The other things I’m looking for is something that will be able to pull posts from all my various social sites and post each one as a separate entry on the blog, rather than having one post with a summary of the activity from my other sites. I looked at Lifestream, but as of right now, it can’t make each event a separate post.

    Oh, and I’m not real great at working with scripts. I can handle using plugins and – if I have good instructions (like something that says “insert this string into the code at row X column Y, and replace this placeholder with your info” and I can do that. You can even get away with not specifying the row and column if the instructions give an otherwise good idea of where I should be doing the replacing. Something that just says “Put this string, or this one, or this one into the main code where appropriate” without indicating where “appropriate” may be, how to tell which one of those strings is to be used under which circumstances, or what variables might need to be changed, and I’ll be lost.

    I appreciate ANY assistance anyone can offer!

    Kriselda Jarnsaxa

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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