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  • I am willing to help import your Livejournal entries into WordPress, till someone comes up with a import-lj.php script or similar to automagically import LJ entries.
    The step involved are:
    1. You export your LJ entries.
    2. Mail them to me.
    3. I mail you the converted file.
    4. You use the import-mt.php page to import the entries, which have now been converted to resemble the format that the import-mt.php page requests.
    The conversion to a wordpress importable file is my job, if you want me to do it 🙂
    To export LJ entries,
    # Choose “XML” as the format, and make sure the “Header” box is checked. You don’t need to set an XML encoding (well, maybe you do if you’re in a foreign country, I don’t know). If you want to save some bandwidth, you can de-select all of the fields EXCEPT “Event Time”, “Subject”, and “Event”: this script will work equally well whether all of the fields are in there or not. But it is CRUCIAL that you have AT LEAST the “Event Time”, “Subject”, and “Event” fields.
    zip all the files, and send them to me with a request (mail at carthik dot net).
    Please understand that I will be able to read the files you send me, so if you don’t want anyone to read your lj entries, don’t send the files to me. But then, if you don’t want them to be read by anyone, you would think of importing it all to wordpress, hence I assume its okay if I get to read the exported files.

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  • this guy is a god send…

    I have my own livejournal server and I need assistance migrating entries and comments to wordpress. I am unclear on where I should export this XML from. Wouldn’t it be easier to simply have a MySQL query accomplish the task? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    question… i see this post is quite old so i don’t know if the offer still stands. i have imported my livejournal posts using vinit bhansali’s script however, posts don’t show as being made by “me” (on my wordpress blog) but by “me” on my livejournal. does your method adjust posts and comments that i made on my livejournal so that they show by being made by me on my wordpress blog or do you know of a way to do this?

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