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  • I’ve downloaded the plugin called WP-Cut but it doesn’t do what I’m looking for. Is there a plugin that gives true LJ like cuts? I want to be able to change the text of the cut right when I put it in, such as:

    <lj-cut text=This is my cut!> Blah blah blah </lj-cut>

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  • This would be nice, but I don’t know of anything like this.

    What is a “LJ-like cut”?

    An LJ cut looks like this:

    the code goes:

    And then I <lj-cut text=did this totally amazing thing.> We went to White Castle!</lj-cut>

    And it would look like:

    And then I did this totally amazing thing.

    Where “this totally amazing thing.” is like a more link. Click on that text and it opens up a cut and you can see the rest of the text “We went to White Castle.”

    Pretty much I want to use the more link, but be able to dynamically change what it says instead of more.

    Pretty much I want to use the more link, but be able to dynamically change what it says instead of more.

    Click on that text and it opens up a cut

    What, exactly, is a “cut”? Do you mean that it goes to the single post page? Or is it some javascript thing that displays more text?

    Your terminology is confusing and weird. 😉

    An example would be extremely helpful, as we could then see what you’re talking about and recommend ways to do it.

    See kiteless’s post a couple above, Otto…. it’s like going to the “read more” single page.

    vkaryl: I did. I was replying to that post, in fact, which is why I blockquoted part of it. 🙂

    The fact that it’s exactly the same as the “more” is not obvious because of the length of the example. I mean, generally you use the more for a long post where more defines what you want to be on the front page vs. what you want to be on the full page. Which is why it’s a fake tag, it doesn’t completely enclose the content after it like her “cut” example does.

    Her cut seems more like an in-page sort of link, where some content is revealed by clicking on a link, instead of going to another page entirely.

    Yah, I hit send too soon before I finished what I wanted to say…. (oh, and sorry for not realizing you’d quoted that post – I didn’t specifically see that line….)

    I have a client who was using LJ until migrating to wp, and from what I remember from her stuff on LJ, the “cut” thing IS generally used for longer posts, and works like the wp “more”.

    See some examples of LJ ‘cuts’ – – ( Old Job ) and ( New PhD ) are two LJ cuts within the same entry. It does sound like they’re quite a lot like ‘more’ in WP, but the ‘more’ text is customisable, you can potentially have more than one in a single entry (though on LJ clicking one reveals them all) and the tag encloses the text it replaces (not sure how exactly ‘more’ works on WP).

    kiteless’ terminology makes perfect sense if you’re an LJ user!

    I can’t access LiveJournal from work, so I’ll check it out when I get home, however:

    not sure how exactly ‘more’ works on WP

    The more tag tells the engine where the stopping point is when you’re looking at the main index page.

    Usually, your main index has a bunch of posts on it. If you select one of those posts, you go to a page with just that post, and potentially a place to add a comment and such. The more tag causes a post to stop there on the main index and display a “read more” type of link which, when clicked, takes you to the individual post page.

    Which is why it doesn’t make any particular sense for it to be an “enclosing” type of thing, since it’s just a marker. It tells the main page where to stop displaying the post, and it does nothing on the individual post pages.

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