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  • Hello,
    i’m pretty sure this option is not yet possible so it’s more about a feature request

    basically, i would like WP to take the control of all my LJ posts (import and make it possible to edit post in WP so it is automatically edited it LJ).

    to do this by now i did the regular import from lj (through xml) and then installed the crossposting plugin (, BUT it doesn’t make a link and connection between the existing posts in WP and ones in LJ which is a pity…

    I will try to make this ‘link’ by myself but i’m not very familiar with php and mysql, so i need some help.

    any ideas?

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  • You can do what you want. But it’s going to take some work.

    First, with all of your LJ entries entered into the WordPress database, you go through and delete all your LJ entries. I don’t know if there’s any fast way of doing that, but you need to delete them.

    Then, if you edit each WordPress entry — say, to add tags — the entry will get cross-posted back to your LJ.

    At that point, the two databases will be linked again.

    yes, i already thought about it and even tried..
    you don’t even need to edit anything in posts coz there is a ‘post all entries’ feature somewhere in options… and if u just turn the plugin on before importing, it will post all entries as well..

    but the bad thing about this way is that u loose all the comments on the side of LJ.. they will stay only in WP( so i want to avoid this..

    there is some relation with ljID which crossposter uses to make a link between enrties, but i need to figure out what is this ljID and how can i get these IDs for all my present entries so that i could manually add these IDs too meta in WP.

    good news, it’s all about ljID
    and this ljID is even exported within xml file…
    but now i need to figure out how to place this id in database

    actually, i did it, but don’t ask me how))

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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