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    I really wish I did not waste all that time installing and modifying Movable Type. 5 minute install of WordPress on the other hand gave me more time to tinker with the themes.

    I found that for some reason most themes available for download are of fixed central column, stretchy side columns. I created a theme with a stretchy middle column and fixed side columns – that way the reader would be able to choose the width of readable text and hide the crass commercialism of the right column if it offends him or her.

    There are many little details that still need fixing, like navigation buttons, titles, old Movable Type style permalinks (to fix all the internal links, but probably it would be easier to do by hand). Looking back at it now the design looks kind of ugly and busy, but readable. Because of all the custom crap that I stuck in the templates (plugins absolutely rock – it took me 15 minutes to hack together random list of amazon books on the right) I can’t release it yet, but if I have more time in the future I’ll clean it up and release it.

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