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  • Resolved ashleydale19


    A few weeks ago my live stream embed just stopped working, I have been using this plugin for about a year now with no issues. I have checked my API key and it is still accepting requests and is not showing any errors in the Google developer console.

    My WordPress version is: 4.9.11.

    Here is my debug code, I have removed the API key and channel ID:

    <!– YouTube Live debugging:
    ‘channelId’ => ”,
    ‘API_Key’ => ”,
    ‘jsonResponse’ => ‘{
    “kind”: “youtube#searchListResponse”,
    “etag”: “\\”p4VTdlkQv3HQeTEaXgvLePAydmU/-f6JA5_OcXz2RWuH1mpAA2_9mM8\\””,
    “regionCode”: “US”,
    “pageInfo”: {
    “totalResults”: 0,
    “resultsPerPage”: 5
    “items”: []
    ‘objectResponse’ =>
    ‘kind’ => ‘youtube#searchListResponse’,
    ‘etag’ => ‘”p4VTdlkQv3HQeTEaXgvLePAydmU/-f6JA5_OcXz2RWuH1mpAA2_9mM8″‘,
    ‘regionCode’ => ‘US’,
    ‘pageInfo’ =>
    ‘totalResults’ => 0,
    ‘resultsPerPage’ => 5,
    ‘items’ =>
    array (
    ‘arrayResponse’ => NULL,
    ‘errorMessage’ => NULL,
    ‘errorArray’ => NULL,
    ‘isLive’ => NULL,
    ‘queryData’ => NULL,
    ‘getAddress’ => ‘;,
    ‘getQuery’ => NULL,
    ‘queryString’ => NULL,
    ‘part’ => ‘id,snippet’,
    ‘eventType’ => ‘live’,
    ‘type’ => ‘video’,
    ‘subdomain’ => ‘www’,
    ‘default_embed_width’ => ‘560’,
    ‘default_embed_height’ => ‘315’,
    ‘default_ratio’ => 1.77777777777777767909128669998608529567718505859375,
    ’embed_code’ => NULL,
    ’embed_autoplay’ => ‘true’,
    ’embed_width’ => ‘720’,
    ’embed_height’ => ‘495’,
    ‘show_related’ => ‘false’,
    ‘live_video_id’ => NULL,
    ‘live_video_title’ => NULL,
    ‘live_video_description’ => NULL,
    ‘live_video_publishedAt’ => NULL,
    ‘live_video_thumb_default’ => NULL,
    ‘live_video_thumb_medium’ => NULL,
    ‘live_video_thumb_high’ => NULL,
    ‘resource_type’ => ‘live’,
    ‘uploads_id’ => NULL,
    ‘channel_title’ => NULL,
    ‘completed_video_id’ => ”,
    ‘resource’ => ‘search’,

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  • Plugin Author macbookandrew


    @ashleydale19 I’ve heard the same issue from a few other people in the week, so it seems that Google/YouTube has changed something.

    I’m working on an updated plugin with a fix for the problem.

    @macbookandrew Thank you for the quick reply.

    I have seen that YouTube has made some changes to the live streaming system so that could be the cause of all this.
    It’s great your working on an updated plugin, I will defiantly be keeping an eye out for it as this plugin has been great so far.

    Thank you,

    Plugin Author macbookandrew


    @ashleydale19 Unfortunately the YouTube API is not returning the live video details the plugin needs to work properly.

    There are a number of bug reports on Google’s issue tracker already, so we just have to wait for them to fix it.



    @macbookandrew looks like Google has fixed their issue, the live stream embed is working again.
    Thank you for your help with this.

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