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  • I need a little help in getting the copy of my live site to work correctly on my local host. I’m close, but just need a little more direction to get it to work correctly.

    The site was initially developed on a live server in a subdirectory []. Once it was ready to go live, the index.php file was copied and moved to the root []. I want to copy the final version onto my local computer for further development and testing.

    WordPress Address (URL) =
    Site Address (URL) =

    WordPress Address (URL) = http://localhost:8888/mysite/wordpress
    Site Address (URL) = http://localhost:8888/mysite

    Local file path (Mac OSX 10.7.5)

    The site uses Post Name permalinks.

    I have successfully:
    • Installed MAMP
    • Exported the complete SQL database with cPanel
    • Zipped source files from server and downloaded to local machine — file structure is exactly the same as on live site with a subdirectory “wordpress”
    • Created local DB with same name as live site db and imported data
    • Updated db with SQL commands for WordPress Address and Site Address
    • Deleted wp-config and created a new one through WordPress admin

    I am able to login to the WordPress dashboard on my local drive without any problem.

    When I navigate to the local site, there isn’t any formatting. Images, content, and some CSS files are right, but none of the links work. It’s like the theme didn’t load. I activated the TwentyEleven theme to test, but it doesn’t load correctly either.

    One other item. I just noticed in the MAMP status window, the MySQL server won’t run. I can’t get it to start up again even though it was running just a minute ago. Is it possible there is a conflict with Internet Sharing through WiFi for my iPad?

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

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  • While still testing, I changed the permalinks to “custom” and that at least allowed me to navigate through the site.

    However, some widgets do not work, and the formatting is not right at all.

    I followed the same steps above and successfully create another localhost site for a different WordPress live site. So I think the issue with this site is the /wordpress/ subdirectory.

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