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    One of my sites automatically upgraded to 3.9.1 earlier this evening, then a couple of hours later I got an email saying it had automatically upgraded to an alpha version WordPress 4.0-alpha-20140507.

    On the wordpress updates page in admin it says: BETA TESTERS: This site is set up to install updates of future beta versions automatically. I’m pretty sure I never set this, though I won’t rule out myself making a mistake. Is it possible that there was a bug that caused this?

    I can’t find anywhere that controls what updates should apply, though I don’t recall setting it up to install beta and alpha versions. From searching I found something called a beta tester plugin, though I don’t have any such plugin installed on my sites.

    I’m a bit lost at this point as to what is going on, where I would turn automatic updates off or check the settings etc. I’m happy enough with finalised updates being automatic but I’d rather not be installing beta and alpha versions.

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  • Hi all,

    Seconded! Just had two production sites get “automagically” updated to the Alpha version tonight, and I suspect they won’t be the last as I admin around 50+ WP Installs!

    One way or another, it’s going to be something of a pain to downgrade these back to (what is hopefully) the stable 3.9 branch.

    I guess it’s possible the the Alpha branch has accidentally been “pushed” onto the auto-update release for 3.9.1 – anyone out there have any ideas on this?

    Hi guys

    I have this problem too. Interestingly I ONLY have this problem on my EN_GB sites?

    Hopefully the issue will be patched with a minor update or we’ll have to roll them back manually to 3.9.1


    Yeah it’s happened only on my site that I’ve got en_GB set on as well. Not needed to use localization on my other sites so those are just left to wordpress default iirc.

    EN_GB is very definitely the culprit by the looks of things (at least on the sites I look after); anything that’s been left to default hasn’t been affected by this.

    I have this problem also with an en_GB install.

    Also happened here

    Yup, happened to 5 of my sites – all en_GB version. So how do we get out of this situaton? I do not want to be at the bleeding edge. I want things safe and secure and would probably rather be in control of updates myself.

    Same here! It’s happened to my live sites running en_GB language. This post looks like a similar issue but I haven’t checked yet.

    Happened to one of my sites too. 🙁

    That other post was three weeks ago and refers to manual updates from 3.9.1 to 4.0 on is_IS and nl_NL. Looks like the localised builds have the problem!

    Moderator Stephen Edgar


    bbPress Team

    The WordPress 3.9.1 en_GB package has now been fixed.

    To reinstall the correct version please see this post:

    Hi Stephen. Yes I looked at that but it’s not the same problem. This happened a few hours ago and is not fixed.We have been automatically upgraded to 4.0 AND been turned into automatic Beta test sites: “BETA TESTERS: This site is set up to install updates of future beta versions automatically.”

    I am not, have never been and never want to be a beta tester and resent haveing to delve around in code to change something I never asked for!

    I have five sites already gone over and I expect there will be others I cannot recall how many of the top of my head run the en_GB version.

    I haven’t the time to check if every bit works but most sites are low on plugins so I probably don’t mind being on 4.0 but I don’t want to be on some beta tomorrow and I resent having no choice about when and how I upgrade without coding. That is not what most people want from WordPress.

    My site had been updated to yhe 4.0 alpha version 3 times now…
    Will do a manual downgrade when I get out of bed.

    I’m concerned that if I downgrade manually, it will still upgrade automatically to Alpha version.

    Moderator Stephen Edgar


    bbPress Team

    Hi Lepussaliens,

    I have just downloaded the updated 3.9.1 en_GB package to confirm it is the correct 3.9.1 version and it is.

    Once you have followed the steps outlined in the post I linked to above your site will be restored and working as you expect it should work and you will not automatically be upgraded to future beta versions etc

    I agree with your statement that you should be able to upgrade effectively without any code editing. I haven’t spoken to the en_GB team directly but passing on my apologies on behalf of them anyway, I know they are sorry for the mishap and it indeed it is not what most people want or expect from WordPress.

    We are changing the way these updates are packaged and deployed for WordPress 4.0 so the fixes to prevent this from reoccurring.

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