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  • It seems that some people are having problems with Live Press initial setup. Make sure that you read the intro.txt in the LivePress folder and that you configure your account in lpsynch.config.php in the LivePress folder.

    I keep hearing about ‘Live Journal Plugin’ Pack and now LivePress, but what exactly does this do? (I clicked on your link and it didn’t really explain anything)

    Live Press (and the Live Journal Plugin Pack before it) is a Live Journal compatibility and synchronization plugin. It is designed to let WordPress users continue to use their Live Journal accounts with minimal hassle. It adds support for moods, music, synching posts between WordPress and Live Journal accounts and implements the lj-user and lj-cut tags in WordPress.

    It seems that the [lj-cut text=”some text”] feature it’s not working.

    Really? It is working on my blog, are you having a problem on your blog or on Live Journal? Can you give me a little additional information? The second post on my blog is using the text =”” feature so you can go look there to see it working. I would like to be able to fix whatever problem you are having, since someone else might have it too.

    Yeah, there may be a bug or two here and there. I will try to clean up the issues you mentioned here. The problem with the zip file is a problem with the way WinZip makes the file. So, the LivePress.php should be in the plugins folder and the LivePress subfolder should be in plugins as well.
    There shouldn’t even be a configure option in the latest release of the LivePress plugin. I don’t think there will be a configuration GUI until version 1.3.0 which will be the release for WordPress 1.3. I might add it sooner, but there are several features that the plugin still needs, so it will depend on when 1.3 is released.
    The intro.txt file should be up to date as well, but I will take a look. I appreciate the feedback. It would be immensely helpful if feedback is left on my dev blog so I can keep it all together, but you know, I am not going to complain if you leave it here, I just want to get it 🙂

    The [lj-cut text=”some text”] feature doesn’t seem to work for me either.
    Also, I seem to be missing the option to synch my entries to LJ like in the previous version of LJ Plugins (where there is a checkbox, and drop down menus for userpic and security level).
    Lastly, when you place the mood and music before the entries, is there an option to change the order and place mood BEFORE music? In the default, the order goes: entries, mood, music. But when you choose to put them before the entries, the order is: music, mood, entries. Is it possible to switch mood and music?

    I will look into the mood music issue…..I know why it is happening…so that’s at least some help…..
    Did you configure the lpsynch.config.php file? If you don’t configure that for your account, then synching is disabled, since there is no where to synch to.
    I am not sure why people are having problem with the lj cut tag…can you point me to a test post?

    I don’t know how, but the zip file contained a very old version of the tag parser.
    The zip file has been updated and you can get it from the same place as before. Try that to see if the lj cut tags are now working.

    has anyone gotten this to work for them? I get all kinds of errors. Yes, I did edit that one file.

    I downloaded the new file but the [lj-cut text=”some text”] tag still doesn’t work. You can see it on my test blog here.
    For the lpsynch.config.php file:

    $journals[‘LJusername’][‘password’] = ‘LJpassword’;
    $journals[‘LJusername’][‘allowlist’] = ‘WordPressUser’;

    I changed LJusername with my LJ username, LJpassword with my password, and WordPressUser with my WordPress username. Did I do anything wrong? Because the synch checkbox (along with the other options) are still missing.

    I’m having a big problem with this plugin. While I can activate it and have it post to my LJ, when I try to log in again I receive the following error(s):
    (Directories shortened for brevity)
    ‘Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at ../wordpress/wp-content/plugins/LivePress/lpsynch.config.php:47) in ../wordpress/wp-login.php on line 257’
    I receive this error 5 times for lines 257 through 261 in wp-login.php.

    Anonymous – I noticed that you have your password set as ‘LJpassword’, since I can’t (and don’t want) to see the actual password there, this is a guess. Are you putting the hashed password there or is it just the password that you type when you log in to Live Journal? If it is just the password you type when logging into LiveJournal, you need to do one of two things, either:
    $journals[‘LJusername’][‘password’] = md5(‘LJpassword’);
    Or use the link in the config file to use the online hasher and put that in:
    $journals[‘LJusername’][‘password’] = ‘hashedLJpassword’;
    Let me know if that works for you.

    BuzzNJ – I would guess that you maybe have a line that wrapped in the comments and that has a hard line break with no comment markers in front of it.
    You could send me a copy of your file that I can look at or post a link to your blog so I can poke around a little.

    Thanks Unteins, the funky web based test editor my hosting has (which I’m guessing may be part of cPanel) was doing that to one of the lines of code I had commented out. I’ve cleared up the problem.

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