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  1. jodpie
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I have just released a script, JODPIE Bar, that works quite fine on WordPress sidebar.

    Actually is a remotely hosted script that dinamically provides live Open Directory data through a programming solution based on the combination of server-side scripting (PHP) and client-side scripting (JavaScript).

    JODPIE Bar is thought to use only a little section of web page display, providing in it a partial and modified presentation of Open Directory Project data using an on the fly randomizer. Links are displayed using thumbshots provided by Thumbshots.org.

    With this script it's possible to embed live Open Directory data in a web page just in seconds; after inserting few lines in a section of a web page and live Open Directory data will be displayed in such section.

    JODPIE Bar is customizable with four variables:

  2. $jb_default - to choose the default category of the Open Directory to display
  3. $jb_cats - to choose maximum number of randomly fetched categories to display
  4. $jb_langs - to choose maximum number of randomly fetched alternative languages to display
  5. $jb_links - to choose maximum number of randomly fetched links to display
  6. Anyway current version 0.1 is quite hybrid as it needs PHP but I plan to release soon a pure javascript version of JODPIE Bar.

    Suggestions are welcome.

  • jodpie
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I have updated blog posts about JODPIE Bar to reflect last changes and published a CSS tutorial to customize JODPIE Bar. Anyway for the specific use of JODPIE live Open Directory with WordPress sidebar is suggested the use of JODPIE WP-ODP even because, among other things, it's not remotely hosted.

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