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  1. MrJasinski
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    Hope this is the right place. Just need some advice on how to set this up. We'll essentially have the following post categories

    News - can be related to an artist, show and tour
    Artist - can be related to a shows, tickets and tours
    Show - can be related to artists, tickets and tours
    Tickets - etc etc
    Tour - etc etc

    Artist Page
    Lists past shows (and shows if they were part of a tour or not), shows future shows, shows tickets for future shows

    Displays related artists and ticket links and whether it's part of a tour

    Etc etc. Hopefully you get what I am saying. I was thinking about doing custom page types but brain got a bit frazzled. Can anyone suggest a good way of setting this up? gigpress was the closest thing I found but feel I may need to do my own stuff

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