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    I need help, please.

    After getting my WP blog going I created a user account on live journal so that my LJ friends could see the new blog via syndication.

    My blog address is

    The URL of my LJ feed account is

    About a week ago, the feed stopped working and this is the error message that now appears:

    Syndication Status: Last checked: 2005-12-09 18:21:21 (Parse error)
    Error Message: RSS parser error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 144, column 25, byte 12244
    Next check: 2005-12-09 21:23:21
    On the previous check it said that the parser error was on line 120.

    I have no idea what might have happened, nor how to fix it. Could it just be some bad characters in a particular entry?

    In fact, I don’t know if my RSS feed is working at all right now …

    Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for your help.


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  • Wouldn’t this question be better served in a live journal help forum?
    Your WP feed is working fine

    So live journal validates feeds before it uses them?

    XML parsers tend to stop parsing upon errors, so it can’t ‘use’ the feed.

    Thank you for helping me to see what it is stumbling on. Can you tell me how to fix it? Is it something that I wrote in that individual entry? I have never had the problem before this and I don’t go fooling around with the code. If I delete that post should the problem go away? I have been using WP since July, so this is a recent development only in the last 6 days.
    Thank you again.

    Rather than delete, you could make it a draft. If it passes feed validation, then you’ve narrowed it down. I’ve no experience validating feeds, but a slow, methodical approach never hurts.

    Ah, so turning it back into a draft sort of puts it on “hold” but doesn’t delete it? I’ll try that and see what happens, thanks.

    OK, I put the problematic post onto draft, and ran it through the validator … and it identified the subsequent post as problematic also. So I put that one on draft as well and now it validates. Is there any way that I can examine those two old posts to find out what was wrong about them (something with CDATA huh?) so that I can avoid this issue in the future? Miklb and Firas I am very grateful for your suggestions in this troubleshooting process.

    Do you have any links in those posts? I seem to think I saw one when I looked at the feed validation. Double check those, and check for improperly coded special characters.

    Yeah, I’m not sure what the issue is exactly but the problem is that there was a nonsense character at the start of the CDATA (ie, entry text).

    I do have links to pictures on my FTP site, which I always do since I am using it as an art blog. And I always code them exactly the same way, using a shrunk down version of the jpeg in the blog, clickable to expand to the full sized picture. I just use img src tags, nothing fancy. I will check and see if I detect anything amiss. If someone put a badly formed link in a comment would that cause a problem?

    I don’t think it’s a well-formedness error, more of a low level character error (did you copy/paste the text at the top of both entries?)

    Anyway you’ll need to let the broken entries back into the RSS feed in case others can investigate further.

    OK I published the two bad posts back into the feed. Here is the code for my posting (after dashed line)
    <img src=”” width=400/>
    I’ll be the first to admit that this is not an entirely new response to the challenge. It’s a reworking of an impressionistic painting I did of my old college mug earlier this year (see below). What I chose to do was to take a second look at the composition and to see if I could improve upon it, or at the very least, to try something different with it and not make it worse.

    First, I cropped it so it wasn’t just floating in space. To create more drama I darkened the background overall using complementary hues and contrasting values. I changed the table surface to a curve instead of a flat surface to repeat the curves of the object, and I reserved a little bit of white around the top of the mug to suggest a shininess and a glow. I also added some transparent warmer color to the curved cylinder of the mug to tie it together with the warmer setting and created more of a form shadow on the curve. I can see at least a dozen other things I could do to fix it, but that time would probably be better spent starting from scratch on something new, which I intend to do. It was originally painted in Corel Painter, but the revisions were done in Photoshop.

    Oh, and in spite of yesterday’s ignominious defeat … go Bruins. We love you anyway.

    <img src=”” width=100/>


    And the following is the code from the other problem post, the one with the drawing of the old man:


    <img src=”” width=350/>

    With all the talk of dip pens recently, I decided to try my hand at something with an old world feeling. It’s not a copy of any drawing in particular, just an experiment “in the style of …” using a photo from a vintage book. Walnut ink and white ink on a blue-ish paper background.

    I’m trying to change my way of thinking about drawings as being successful or not. Sometimes I play it safe with something I know how to do and although I may like the outcome, I haven’t really learned much. On other occasions, like this one, the outcome may not be as satisfactory but I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the process, so I’d consider it a success. It’s all in how you look at it … goal or process.
    Today, I vote for process.
    ————————— end entry

    That’s all there is in the entry boxes of each. I’d kind of hate to lose those posts because i got some really nice feedback on them. I hope there’s some way to save them without making the feed invalid for LJ.
    Thanks again, K.

    <img src=”htt…

    what’s causing the ?

    I don’t see that – but it sounds like it might be the problem. How can I reveal it so I can delete it?

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