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  • I am working on a big set of LJ/WP integration plugins for WordPress 1.2
    I’ve got LJ Tags supported so you can use LJ user and LJ cut in your WP posts, I have a plugin to read Music and Mood meta data and have a minimal support for pulling the Mood icons from LJ. I hope to expand the support in the future, but for now I have to focus on getting the larger bits done.
    I am working on making a plugin to set all of the meta data fields nicely (since otherwise it is pretty ugly in WordPRess to use meta data right now)
    Once I get that working with moods and music I will be working on creating a full LJ/WP synch plugin that will let you add and edit posts on WP and LJ. I also hope to support mirroring comments as well.
    This is going to take a little bit of time, but I am pretty close on most of it. Once I get the Meta Data editing interface done, the rest is just a bunch of XMLRPC calls so it should be pretty easy.
    I don’t know what Licenses some of the other LJ code is released under, but if you don’t mind me using it, that would be great. Otherwise I will just have to rewrite it myself 🙂

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  • In case anyone wants to play with the current versions and deal with ugly meta data:
    LJ Tags: Just put it in the plugins folder, change the extension to .php and activate
    LJ Music: Put it in the plugins folder, change the extension to .php and activate. Add a Custom Meta Data tag of unt_lj_music with the value as the song you are lisetening to.
    LJ Moods: Put it in the plugins folder, change the extension to .php and activate. Download the MoodList and put it in your plugins folder as well. Add a Custom Meta Data tag of unt_lj_moodid with the value as the numeric id (found in moodlist.txt in the form mood:ID#:image) OR you can use a Custom Meta Data of unt_lj_mood with a value of the mood you are in, this won’t include an image though, it is a custom mood value.
    For the mood plugin, if you get an error about can’t find the moodlist.txt file, try setting $fix_include_path = false to true (replace false with true in ljmoods.php on that line) If that doesn’t work, tell me what went wrong and I can see about a fix.

    My plugins are similar to the hack. They support the music and moods. I also have a plugin that supports some of the Live Journal tags as well (users and lj cut tags)
    Anyway, yes, you will drop the plugin in the folder and then turn it on and it will do it all for you. There will be a small amount of configuration editing (to setup the live journal username and password) to make it work. If I can, I will have an interface for that as well.
    I am about 60% of the way to finishing the plugins. The tags and the moods and music are pretty much done, but they need nice interfaces.
    I will keep everyone posted as to the progress.

    Shweet. This seems easier than the LJ-user tags hack someone already made… there’s all these instructions for it and mine didn’t even work after going through them. I’m going to try yours out and see if it works instead.
    Just one thing though, the plugins folder is called wp-includes, right? I don’t have one called plugins…

    If I had to guess I would guess that there were added line breaks when you cut and paste from the browser to notepad.
    Can you post line 46-50 here and I can take a peek to see if it is obvious what is wrong.

    return $text;
    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘parse_lj_tags’);
    add_filter(‘comment_text’, ‘parse_lj_tags’);
    Lines 46-50, as requested. Thanks!! 🙂

    Will these hacks work with v1.0 or do you have to upgrade to the latest version of WP?

    Ah, I see the problem…
    Your plguin is installed in the wrong place. I am assuming you are using version 1.2
    You need to put the file in wp-content/plugins
    If you are using version 1.0.x then the setup is different. I think I posted instructions for that version on the Wiki.
    And yes, there is a version for 1.0.x of the LJ tags, but not ALL of the plugins will work in 1.0.x and you will need 1.2 for many of them.

    No, here’s what you need to do….
    Move all the plugins from
    for example,
    from: /[pathname]/wp-plugins/ljtags.php
    to: /[pathname]/wp-content/plugins/ljtags.php
    Then, you login to WordPress and on the admin screen you need to click on the Plugins button at the top of the page. Then you should see a list of all the plugins you have installed. To turn on a plugin, click Activate and now it should be working.
    You do not need to have anything in you my-hacks.php file for plugins to work and in fact, should remove anything that is in it that relates to my LJ tags plugin.
    Btw, I have the LJ current Music and moods plugins working on my test site, so expect some more LJ related stuff in the near future 🙂

    Thanks, unteins, that helped.
    However, I’m still having problems. Only the Lj USER tag works, not LJ-Cut. This is why, I think – I originally installed your hack posted at, the one on Wiki. I removed what I’d added, for that particular hack, but then none of the tags worked.
    When I log into my LJ to view the code that WP created, I see the LJ cut tags are coded as:
    that’s also what shows up in my LJ, instead of a cut. However, when viewing my WP site, I get a proper “Read more cut” as expected.
    Can you help or do I need to describe the problem in more detail?

    I am guessing that you are also using the LJ Autoupdate plugin as well?
    I haven’t used that in 1.2, so I am not sure why that is happening. If the cuts are working on the WordPress blog, then my plugin is working ok and the problem lies in the Autoupdate. I will see if I can find an answer for you on that one.

    Is there any chance of getting Deadjournal or other LiveJournal Clones support in your products?
    I’ve looked in your code to try to change referances to, but I think I fouled it up or missed a few because it still doesn’t work.

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