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  • I have released an updated version of the LiveJournal Plugin pack which you can read about here
    Highlights include better multiple user support, userpic support, posting to groups and the ability to post to LJ so that only certain LJers can see the post.

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  • I forgot to mention, I know that many of you have asked for the LJ Extras to work from the bookmarklet……I tried, but I think there is a bug in WordPress that makes it not work…I will keep you posted.

    w00t! Your LJ Plugin is the S&*#! 🙂
    Thanks for all of your hard work! I really appreciate it.

    Just upgraded and I have a few things to say:
    class-IXR.php doesn’t seem to be included with this release. Since I upgraded, I can’t tell if it’s a required file in this release.
    Also, in the line:
    //Journals Array
    $journals[‘test’][‘password’] = ‘test’;
    should be replaced like:
    //Journals Array
    $journals[‘username’][‘password’] = ‘password’;
    Is that how it’s supposed to be? The documentation is still reflecting the older release.


    I upgraded finally, as I was previously wary of breaking something that already worked.
    Which is apparently exactly what I managed to do. I haven’t finished testing this out, so it might be a phantom bug, but it only seems to post to livejournal when I edit a post and republish it, not when I originally write it.
    Would you know what that would be? It’s not a huge deal, but I am curious as to what it might be.

    Off hand, I don’t see why it would do that as I have been able to post to LJ without any problems. It posts on the first try.
    Is there an unt_lj_error custom tag being created when you publsih the first time?

    New version of LJ Extras and LJ Synch are on the server
    This update should resolve the problems for those of you who are not getting the LJ Extras to show up in your post interface. This seemed to be due to a problem with the way I was testing to see if we were on the post page and should hopefully be fixed.
    You can also download the whole set here

    Hey unteins- extras not showing seems to be working with the new version. And syncing works! I love it!
    Two small problems. 1) I noticed the security level setting doesn’t work. When I set to “Friends” the post is published on LiveJournal as Public. Upon editing the post in WP, I noticed that while extras section says “Friends” the meta section for unt_lj_securitylevel is blank.
    2) Noticed an HTML problem on the post/edit form on WP. The WordPress form field “Post Password” appears outside the box on IE6/Win. When I turn the plugin off- it works again.
    Love the script man! Great work. Have you considered making the package just one plugin and allowing users to set options in the WordPress interface? I think that would be an excellent addition. Either way- I really like it! Thanks!

    Ok, I think #1 is solved, redownload the plugins 🙂
    I have no idea on #2, but if I get a chance I will try to dig into it a bit. I suspect it has to do with just the way the fields overflow.

    So responsive! Thank you. When I get back to my desktop, I’ll take a screenshot.

    Fix worked for #1. Issue 2 screen shot available here.

    Don’t wanna inundate you here. Found two other small issues. Hoping I’m helping you fix any bugs that might still exist.
    3) Deleteting a post in WP doesn’t delete it from LJ. Don’t know if that was intended or not.
    4) Editing a post in WP doesn’t retain the LJ userpic that you choose. It resets to default. This causes the user to rechoose whichever pic they choose when they originally posted with each edit.

    Excellent idea for a plugin!
    There’s any way to do this?:
    – Use the lj-cut functionality: [lj-cut text=”Your text”]
    – Integrate the ‘Read more’ into the posts to be like the ‘<!–more–> (in other words, use the posts slugs to create nicer permalinks ( not index.php?p=N) and make it show when seeing the individual entry.
    Thanks 🙂

    well unteins, it must just be me. I over-wrote all of the plugins, and I still get it. It doesn’t post to livejournal from the original post screen.
    I get no error tags.
    when I edit and save, it posts to livejournal. If I edit the same post twice, it posts to livejournal twice.
    I’ll figure out what the hell it is on Monday. I’ll look around. If anyone else is having the problem, please say something, otherwise it’s probably something specific to my install somehow, and I just have to hunt it down.

    I tried installing the hack, but I got stuck after uploading them onto my blog root folder. I can’t seem to find the “Plugins” to click on.. I’ve uploaded it to /wp-content/plugins folder, and I’ve also uploaded class-IXR.php into wp-includes folder..
    Am I supposed to do something else?

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