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  • After upgrading to WP 4.9
    The site itself seems functional but in Admin section -> Appearance -> Customize

    The preview is completely gone.

    Using MesoColumn v

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Theme Author Richie KS


    seem fine in my end, i’m able to edit via customizer and the live changes take effect like change bg color etc. using latest wp.

    might be some plugin related conflict, any plugin recently installed?

    Your are right – Sorry to bother you – but you were the first on list 🙂

    I have been systematically been enabling and disabling plugins and found the culprit: the calendar plugin.

    It works as expected but precisely in the live preview edit mode – it blocks every creating a completely white area. I can use the WP side menu and edit aspects fine but the preview is absent.

    I am closing this as solved due to the above mentioned plugin.

    Thanks for looking at it.

    You are at least polight and forthcoming – thank you.

    I am running WP 4.9 with your theme and the plugin – they claim their plugin don’t fail with WP4.9 but it is a theme problem.

    I have been bugging them but they insist it is a theme problem. Link follows

    I claim there is a bug – whether its your theme or the calendar pluging or the combination. Hey, It might even be WP itself – what do I know.

    What strikes me is that they worked fine together in the latest WP 4.8.x

    So would you please confirm if there is an incompatibility with 4.9 and your theme in combination of calendar plugin.

    But I am a developer myself – not some hill billy – just check fhdk@github – you seem reasonable an I do not doubt you will look at it. And I will be grateful if you do. I got a little annoyed with the respondent.

    Best regards


    I have checked with another random theme – though it should work with bbPress – and there seems no conflicts. So – a conflict exist between WP4.9 – bbPress – MesoColumn and plugin.

    I am by no means a wordpress php guy – I am more of the C# api, python guy – down the engine room making things run for you upstairs.

    Could you please take a look at the combo mentioned?

    I should say I worked before upgrading from 4.8.x – automatic upgrades – windows should have taught me not to accept such s….

    I apologize for not bringing all facts to the table at first but I tried the proven – disable/enable and I was convinced it was the plugin.

    Tried another theme RepublicPro – just spend a 20 on it – and the problem is not transferred – I see it as some kind of conflict.

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    Theme Author Richie KS


    could you point me the plugin link?

    never mind: its this one right?

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    Theme Author Richie KS


    ok, i’ve tested the plugin and it work in my end.

    i can use all the customizer option and the live preview are ok.

    when in live edit mode, try check your browser error console log, and let me know what you see?

    Thx for your reply

    Screenshot of console at

    Adding a screen shot from firefox console

    Further investigation lead my to disable all plugins except

    • calendar plugin
    • bbPress plugin

    Now the reason I am using your theme is you obviously build it for use with bbPress.

    When I disable the bbPress plugin and enable – the live-preview works
    When I enable bbPress and disable – the live-preview works

    And now I am completely confused.

    After the last disabling and enabling – I am most certain there’s a bug somewhere but php is beyond me – both for coding and trouble shooting – nevertheless – the preview works with both plugins enabled.

    I will leave that to you.

    I know that some components have to be declared/name-spaced in the correct order of dependency. But I most certainly do not expect that from WP. What I mean, you can’t control the order in which a user would install the dependencies.

    I am really confused – but I hope you can solve it.

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    Theme Author Richie KS


    not sure what you mean? are you saying they are working fine now? after the disable and enable of plugins. that will be odd, the plugin re-activated might have flush the cache etc and make it work now.

    Neither do I –

    It is not working – and I don’t understand the behavior – because it worked only for a couple of minutes and then it switched back to blank.

    It boils down to bbPress, plugin and MesoColumn Theme – there is other plugins but they have no influence on this specific issue.

    It lives at and I can give you a temporary access to the admin part of the site.

    Just did another test – this time the behaviour is triggered by jetpack so I will disable that one.

    Just to let you know – I have tested with logins/outs and without jetpress it is working as expected


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