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    Hi everyone,

    Well, I have tried many things. I have read this thread:

    Looked in Google. Nothing.

    Live bookmarks won’t work on my website, with Firefox. All I get is this error message: “Live Bookmark feed failed to load”.

    I have no idea why. I thought for a moment that it might have something to do with my French localization (how silly!), and configured my “wp-config.php” file back to default. Nope.

    Any idea?


    My Website:

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  • Salut

    Try to validate your feed at and check for errors.

    É (with accent) is not compliant with UTF-8

    > absm

    Yea! The problem seems to originate from the word “protégé”, the translation for “protected” when I protect a post with a password. I am trying to find this word to change it for é. But where is that word.

    …and why doesn’t it validate with the feed validator?

    You’re probably using the french localization file, so I don’t know about it ’cause I’ haven’t used yet.

    But here is a trick you could do if your web server has the appropriate php configuration set:



    mb_convert_encoding(the_title_rss(), “UTF-8”);

    in your different feed files wp-rss2.php, wp-rss.php and wp-atom.php

    more info about the mb_convert_encoding function:

    Malheureusement… non. Rien ne fonctionne. 🙁 Thanks for the help. I will keep on testing and trying.

    Now, if anyone could tell me where this “protected” word is hiding within all those php files, it would be appreciated. The one that says that the post is being “protected” by a password.

    It’s in the translation file.
    But I don’t think you can edit this file easyly.

    But you can find the call to this word and its translation in the file wp-includes/template-functions-post.php

    it’s in the definition of the function get_the_title

    here -> $title = sprintf(__(‘Protected: %s’), $title)

    Change Protected by Protégé (with the utf-8 codes for accents)

    And note somewhere that you’ve made a modification in this file, because it could be overwritten the day you’ll make an upgrade of WP.

    > Merci absm

    Yea, I found the .po/.mo file, and I edited it with PoEdit. I wrote down protégé and not < code >prot& # 2 3 3 ;g & # 2 3 3;</ code > [the spaces are there to show the code ’cause bbPress was converting!] because it did not show correctly in the Firefox bar.

    I followed the suggestion found in this post:

    At least now, the bookmarks are showing. But for some reason, now that WordPress converts our titles, my apostrophes apprear like in the bookmarks. Grrr… 1 step closer though.

    I’m in the process of fully revamping the PO file in order to get rid of such special characters and change them to HTML entities… Please bear with my lack of time 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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