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    I love the way that the related posts module looks, but it seems to keep recommending the same posts over and over. Is the related posts module looking at post content, key words, category, etc.? I have gone back to Jetpack related posts module because it seems to find truly related posts.

    I’ve tried reindexing my site but that did not seem to help. I found no other setting that I could change to improve the quality of the recommendations. Any suggestions?


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  • On the support page, I saw all of the inputs that Shareaholic uses to determine what to recommend. Could the problem be that I have had Shareaholic active for less than a month and that the posts that got shared through Shareaholic are weighted more heavily? If this is the case, will the recommendations improve over time?



    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the information! I’d love the help you out with this. Also, It shouldn’t matter how long you’ve had Shareaholic on your website, and it sounds like you’ve re-indexed your site just recently, so you’re taking the right steps. Do you mind sending me the URL to your website? If this is private information, you can e-mail it to me directly at maryanne@shareaholic.com.

    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Mary Anne

    Thanks Mary Anne,

    The site address is http://www.mhmcintyre.us. Take a look at the post http://www.mhmcintyre.us/links-share-8262014/. That is a post where I provide links to other interesting posts. I have left Jetpack recommendations and Shareaholic recommendations both live. Notice that Jetpack recommends two other similar posts where I share links. Shareaholic provides links to other posts which are less related than the ones Jetpack provides.

    It seems to me that when I move from post to post, 4 of the Shareaholic recommendations stay the same.

    Could this be something that I’m doing with categories or tags?

    When I look at the log, I see that 6 of the posts have had over 1,600 impressions and the 7th post has less than 10. This quantifies what I thought I was seeing. I’ve deactivated the related content module for now, but would like to reactivate it if a solution is available. I rally like the look and analytics.

    While I can’t look at the statistics to confirm this with numbers, the variety in the related posts has improved. I’m marking this issue resolved.



    I am also having the same issue. Please visit any article at visaxp.com . I barely see any varieties.

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