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  • Just installed last night’s WP build.
    Here are my (mostly nit-picky) pieces o’ feedback:

    – No clear instructions on permissions for the WP directory; stuff didn’t work until I changed it manually to 755, I think. Even the error message doesn’t give specific chmod instructions.
    – The installation was filled up with cutesy and occasionally minorly-informative text (“[whatever] here? Yep, good!”). Non-geeks (whom I’m assuming we want WP to appeal to) neither want nor need this info. Write it to a log if anything, but only note errors.
    – “What is the URL of your blog?” – no indication (sample) whether trailing slash should be included
    – Should be prompted to change password immediately upon signin.

    – Upon changing password, you shouldn’t be unceremoniously logged out
    – Says comments moderation is currently on, but it’s not
    – Initial font is ugly. Sorry, but it is 😉
    – File upload directory should already be created, along with corresponding options. We geeks can choose to create a different directory and override the options if we want.
    – Ability to simply check comments and group delete! I really like how the discussion software “Discus” handles this in their admin UI; using javascript, you can simply click on any up or down arrow on a long list of posts and all posts above or below your click (respectively) will be then checked and ready for deletion. It’s a nice twist on the “check all” checkbox.
    – Even though I told WP through my options that I don’t want people to be able to register, it still includes that link on the page
    – No errors on file upload even when it wasn’t successfully uploaded
    – “uploded files” on upload page (typo)

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  • TAG,
    Thanks for your input. We are currently in the process of ugrading the documentation, and your feedback is most appreciated. 🙂

    Well, I’m nothing if not opinionated (though in re-reading my post above, I was a bit on the brusque side — sorry!). Glad to be of help in this way 🙂

    Don’t apologize at all, every comment was valid. Lets see if we can address all these issues with 1.1.

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