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  • OK, so I followed all the directions for moving WP from it’s original sub-directory (“/wordpress”) into the main directory of my site. All the paths were changed and everything seemed to work fine.

    The only thing missing is the small RSS buttons next to the navigation links on the sidebar. Can anyone help?

    (Dunno if I’m allowed to post my site URL to illustrate…)

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  • Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    Yes, we need a link to your site.

    But one thing to check is the <img tags in your sidebar.php. It’s possible that the RSS buttons have paths pointing at your old location.

    Try checking the style.css file. Sometimes the image links there are missed.

    background: url (/wordpress/images/image.gif);

    make sure the image location is correctly identified (ex:

    Thanks guys, I did check the stylesheet and could find nothing wrong there. I looked at the sidebar.php and it appeared the image link was fine:

    <php yy_menu('sort_column=menu_order&title_li=',<br />
    'hide_empty=0&sort_column=name&optioncount=1&title_li=&hierarchical=1&feed=RSS&feed_image='.get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory').'/images/icons/feed-icon-10x10.gif'); >

    Could this be some kind of cache problem?

    My URL is:


    the icon url is×10.gif but there is no image file at that location.

    You seem to have one theme indicated in the head section of your blog, and another in the sidebar. One is freshy, and the other is freshy-10. They should be the same.

    But even then, I don’t see an icon at what I think is the proper location either.

    Do you have mismatched info in your wordpress admin area under Options? Check those values.

    Also, check to make sure the feed-icon-10×10.gif is actually where it should be.

    I looked and found a feed-icon-10×10.gif located in the correct directory: But you’re right; that is not the location being called by the sidebar. I checked the sidebar.php (indeed all the theme files) and couldn’t locate where the feed-icon-10×10.gif code is inserted for Freshy.

    At one point last night trying to solve this I did delete the first Freshy install and downloaded it again and reinstalled. Perhaps I re-instaled a different version? What is the best way to delete a theme completely?

    And if the sidebar is calling image code from the old “/wordpress” directory, that should be impossible. I deleted that folder after moving everything and changing the filepaths in the Options-General tab to the sites’ main directory.

    In the sidebar the image path has the word (subfolder) “wordpress” in it: between your domain and wp-content.
    is not the same as

    good catch moshu, i didn’t look for that, assuming only a theme changed, and not the blog location.

    however, you’re code is using a wordpress function to generate the bulk of the url. it shouldn’t be wrong. this is the part here that does that > feed_image='.get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory').'/images/icons/feed-icon-10x10.gif'

    look in your header and use the same function it does for the getting the url. one place it’s used is to link to your style sheet.

    this is also why I suggested you check the settings under Options > General to make sure the right info is in there.

    I can’t figure this out. The sidebar.php has no code I can identify to trace the image’s filepath or how I might edit it if it’s pointed to the wrong, now-deceased folder.

    In the Options > General section, both the WordPress address and Blog address are set to: This should be fine, as all the links to my archives, about me and contact pages work.

    I also looked in the header, but cannot figure out what I’m supposed to edit. Once again, I see no missing or broken filepaths for that image.

    I asked before if this might be some kind of cache issue. One of the steps mentioned in the original WP article about moving your blog is to delete the folder “wp-content/cache”. But I couldn’t find any such folder, is that information incorrect?

    are you using widgets?

    Not sure, are those the same as plugins? Here is what I have installed and activated:

    Audio player 1.2.3
    Exec-PHP 3.0
    Smart Update Pinger 2.0
    WPvideo 1.00
    WordPress Database Backup 1.7

    widgets are a plugin. they let you control the sidebar through the admin interface, instead of editing sidebar.php. I guess you don’t have them, which eliminates them as a source of the problem.

    I guess this is one that can’t be solved…

    just not enough information. Have you tried everything mentioned in the thread? Maybe go over it again to be sure.

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