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  • You have some problem with the google adsense script you put in your sidebar. Some php code is not correct.

    OK. Thought so.

    That’s a start.

    Now…if I can just figure out what it IS.

    Second issue: Maybe I should post this under a different heading. However, it may be related, so I won’t for now.

    I had put a space at the top of the middle column to push the Google AdSense block down just a bit so that its top would line up with the headline type on the left and the heading in the extreme right column.

    When I did that, I had 1 mini question mark at the top of the Google AdSense block and one at the bottom of it.

    I removed that paragraph space code from the top and now both little question marks are at the top of the column AND the Google adblock is riding too high.

    So, second question, how can I insert a spacer to push the Google AdSense adblock down a bit so it lines up with the heads on either side of it?



    Got rid of the little question marks. They were the result of my having an unnecessary blank line in the code.

    Now, I need to get the spacer back in there to push the adblock down. Am experimenting with placement of the and seeing if that will do it without further problems.

    Got it all. Just needed to talk to myself for awhile. And try some things.

    What I did was add   to the line just above the AdSense script. That inserted the space. And for now, no little question marks indicating screwy code.

    So closing this one out.

    Probably you should give your adsense block its own div, give the div an id (like “adsense”), and in the css do something like this:

    #adsense {

    where “x” is however much space you want it to have. You might need to do some padding too, because IE and FF will “see” it differently. It’s a tweak-it….

    Thanks. And I just noticed that the html code I was putting in my earlier posts didn’t show up when they were published here. Must be some secret way around that….

    backticks. now i remember.

    i am currently using \ \ to insert the blank space at the top of the column in which the Google Adblock resides.

    am sure a \div\ would work better, but i’m not a \div\ master yet. still using 1995 html skills. ’bout time i brush them up, i think. am sure grateful for all the help on this forum–and the codex.


    no! those aren’t backticks. are was i supposed to use pairs of them? so none of the code is showing, still.

    one more try. are backticks shift tilde? if so, then this code will show this time:

    ~ ~

    damn. don’t remember what “back ticks” are.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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