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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to really use groups in a different way and your excellent plugin got me 95% of the way but I need your help.

    The end goal is that admins could create any group however user could only create groups within the group they are currently in.

    To clarify we are building a website that will have what we call communities (top level groups) and teams which are sub-groups.

    I know you can make it so just admin can make groups but I actually want users to create sub-groups but not top level ones.

    SO I was able to hide the ‘create a group button’ for non-admins on the groups page (communities in our case – and now the thing that will solve my problem is if I can hide the step ‘group hierarchy’ when non-admins trying to create a new group and force the parent ID of the group they are in.

    I also could not locate where is the group-loop for sub-groups (teams in our case) is coming from.

    Any help in the right direction would be great.

    Feel free to create an account ( and join ‘Atlanta BeltLine Running Series’ community to try it out as it has sub groups in it.

    This is a test site going live soon.

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